Travelling Hell

I'm in New York, leaving for Uganda tomorrow morning at the butt crack of dawn.

I hate travelling by myself. I suck at it. First my original flight was cancelled and good ol' Delta decided to let me know BY EMAIL. No phone call. They rebooked me on a flight that would have arrived too late for me to make my flight to Uganda, so luckily on NEW YEAR'S EVE I happened to not be partying it up and checked my email. Then hubby and I sat on the phone with Delta on hold for about an hour before having to acquire an earlier flight to New York today, meaning less time with my hubby. So, being Miss Prepared, I go to the airport super early and not only have to wait one hour anyways, but my flight's delayed another hour. Get on the plane, arrive at the gi-normous JFK airport (at least to me) and get lost on my way to the baggage claim, get to it finally and wait for about an hour for my bag before realizing that it was pulled off and put to the side cuz it took me so darn long to get there, get my heavy ass bag and wander around lost some more sweating and in profuse amounts of pain, finally find the air train, get on the wrong one, finally get the right one, call my hotel for a shuttle, wait an hour, realize shuttle's not coming for me, call again, wait some more, finally get on the shuttle, get to hotel.


More later, right now I'm going to rest my sore back and try to quiet the butterflies that are dancing in my stomach right now...


angie said...

Eurgh! Sorry to hear about the travel snafu's. I kinda dig traveling solo, but it is a drag when you're trying to get somewhere on time.

Your post has me flashing back on when I was trying to fly out of Cuzco to meet my hubby in Lima. Too much fog, grounded for hours, finally got on the plane only to be told to get off 'cause it was too dark to fly through the Andes. Meanwhile, my hubby arrived in Lima & I had no way to communicate with him. Did I mention that he didn't speak a word of Spanish?! It was...interesting.

Here's wishing you much smoother traveling!

Brett Battles said...

I realize you are flying to Africa now. I wish you the best on your trip. This is going to be exciting, exhausting, sad, hopefully and life changing. Can't wait to hear what you have to say when you get back.

Lisa R-S said...

Sounds like an adventure, I am thinking of you. It reminds of my trip to get married in Scotland, cancelled flight, overnight in LaGuardia, alternator trouble over the Atlantic. You will get there and when you do enjoy. Smile, my friend.

Elizabeth Krecker said...

I'm so excited for you! And you thought the Teenager was cool...I think your trip is tops!!

How wonderful to get to experience what you've been working for all this time. I'd love to hear more about it - how you got involved in the first place, how you got accepted to go to the summit, what you'll do there! Can't wait to hear it all!

I'll be thinking of you, praying for you and sending you tons of good thoughts these next two weeks!



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