Boda Boda!

So I rode on one of those death traps I was telling you about! It was fun, though I'm not sure I'd ride one in Kampala where traffic goes a bit faster. Today we followed local NGOs around to see how they were run and what they were doing. We split up and I got to follow around Invisible Children whom I've followed and supported from America. It was great to see where my support has been going! Especially the bracelet project, I have subscription to the all the bracelets so I got to meet the wonderful people who were making them. It was really cool. Invisible Children have 2 month volunteer trips that I really want to go on now! I really like their organization and it's really young too, so I'd love to be a part of its growth. The Ugandan participants here in Gulu are so focused and intelligent. I feel that many of them have already been involved in the peace buliding process here in Northern Uganda and are planning and willing to do so much more. I'm very impressed the GYPA has gathered such wonderful and impressive Ugandan participants in both Gulu and Kampala. I'll cry like a baby when I have to leave and then cry like a baby again when I get to see my wonderful and supportive hubby again, then probably cry some more when I get to see my furkids.

We're in Gulu until Saturday morning and today it's been an exact week since we've been in Africa. I can't believe we've only been here for a week! i feel like I've been here for at least a month, it feels very comfortable and like a second home. I'm absolutely falling in love with Uganda and the people I've met here more and more every day. Though I do have to admit, I will have a love affair with my bathroom when I get home. That's the only thing that makes life in Africa a little bit tough for me, but I can take it, it's just not very pleasant at all.

I'm trying to upload some more pictures, we'll see if it works! And on Sunday we're going to Jinja to go white water rafting on the source of the Nile!! Hell yeah, how many people can say they went rafting on the freaking Nile? Yeah, that's what I thought. I'm pretty cool.

Again, I wanted to reitterate that I'll be providing more analytical blogs on what I'm actually discussing here with the Ugandan participants and discussing in more detail some of the activities we've partaken in and my feelings and thoughts on them. I just don't feel like I have adequate time to analyze and write something well written and thoughful right now since I'm always rushing on the computer to get all that I need to get done done on the slow slow computers here!

Much love to all in the US and I hope if nothing else I've sparked an interest and concern in you for Northern Uganda and the 20 year invisible war here.


Tony said...

Keep up the great work! We all miss you back home.

Brett Battles said...

Love the reports! Keep them coming!! In a way, you're representing all of us who are liviing this trip through you.

Lisa R-S said...

Very good reports. I will look forward to reading the in-depth ones too. We miss you my friend. Continue to have a wonderful time.


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