Too Passionate?

I've often been accused of being too passionate (usually by my mother). Usually my response is that there is no such thing as Too much passion. But can you have too Many passions? As a person who tries to fit in a ridiculous amount of life in as little amount of time as possible (I always used to think that I'd die young, after all), I've always been kind of intense. But it does sadden me when one passion begins to take over the rest of my life, such as my job as a social worker has right now. Sure I'm passionate about helping people, but when I come home too exhausted (or too late!) to write then I begin to wonder how can I loyally pursue both passions? Maybe I can't? Or maybe I can only do one at a time? Still figuring out the kinks in that one.

Either way, my loyal updates on the situation in Uganda has been slipping as well, although I have been keeping up on my own. In a huge disappointment, Kony did not show up to sign the hard worked upon peace agreement. The article I linked outlined where Uganda stands now and what the next steps could be for this country that hasn't seen peace for over 20 years. It is my hope that somehow in the next couple years I can become a part of this rebuilding process for Uganda.


Weapon X: A Review

Weapon X: Wolverine by Barry Windsor Smith is the classic beginnings of Wolverine story. While sometimes the art got a little bit convoluted, overall it was very effective and old school, and the added psychological thriller element to the story really made this Wolverine story an interesting read. I really enjoyed the twists and turns in the characters of this story, especially since the story of the making of Wolverine is so well known. Overall I can't say much more about this read without giving away too many elements of the plot twists. As always, with the story of Wolverine, it does sadden me what people will do to other living things. Although it is, obviously fictional, to every story there is some truth behind it otherwise it wouldn't hold any sway or pull with the audience.


A slight sidebar, I've been reading the three issue Logan series written by one of my faves, Brian K. Vaughan and drawn by Eduardo Risso. I absolutely loved Vaughan's Faith arc in the Buffy/Season 8 series and thought that Pride of Baghdad was smart and moving. I have to say that I've enjoyed this Logan series. Not necessary loved, but enjoyed. The art is fantastic and the storyline interesting. It doesn't necessarily add too much depth to the dark and storied past of Wolverine, but it's been an interesting read and a view of Wolverine in a different setting with a different love other than the tired and old "I love Jean Gray" mantra. I actually have obtained the third book of this series but hadn't gotten around to reading it yet, so I don't know how the series ends... hopefully it's explosive! You can't go wrong with explosions, after all.

Also, because frankly it doesn't warrant its own post, but the Essential X-Men Volume 1 by Chris Claremont received 4* from me because it has the classic X-Men stories in it. It was black and white, sometimes difficult to get through and contained a little too much of the corny super-hero dialog, but is definitely an essential read for any true X-Men fan.

Astonishing X-Men - Gifted: A Review

The Astonishing X-Men #1 - Gifted written by my guy Joss Whedon brings back on old plot with a new fresh voice. Once again there are rumors of a mutant cure! With really great art and some added elements of character that Joss is so good at, this X-Men story has a couple of interesting plot elements and twists and is a fun read. Bringing back Kitty was pretty cool and I know a specific joy for Joss considering Kitty was one of the influences for my favorite vampire slayer. Nothing completely shocking in this first TPB of the Astonishing X-Men, but definitely a good start to the series which I hope will heat up in the next TPB.


The Sandman - Season of Mists: A Review

Hailed as one of the best out of The Sandman series, Gaiman's fourth Sandman book, Season of Mists, is a masterpiece in storytelling. In a story that takes Morpheus to Hell to rescue a past lover, whom he put in Hell, by the way, Gaiman once again tests your thoughts and perceptions of the nightmarish things in the world and turns things in a way to make human nature the scary thing that goes bump in the night.

Season of Mists is a complete story in that it has so many elements and layers to it and satisfies on many different levels. There is the love story between Morpheus and Nada and the interesting development in character for Morpheus when he admits that he is wrong. This story also explores the Sandman's family ties and the relationships that he has with the other Endless, including a lost (on purpose) brother whom in the end he chooses to respect and leave alone. The story also includes an array of interesting and new characters from many different worlds and dimensions whose interests in Hell are as varying as their appearances. Without a doubt one of the more interesting of the series that I've read so far and thought provoking as well. Again Gaiman's imagination delights and leaves me in awe.


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