Argh, after a Very long day of travel, in which first our flight was delayed so that we had to literally get special line jumping privelages just to make our connecting flight to JFK, our wonderful British Airways (which I'm Never flying again) lost all of our luggage. Grrr.

I'm tired, grumpy and hungry. I'm going to eat some good ol' American pizza now from Papa Johns and then probably get diarrhea from it since I've been on a diet of basically rice and beens for two weeks now. Oh well, it'll be worth it!

Tomorrow, onwards to Cincy!

By the way, the internet in America is freaking AMAZING! You'd better appreciate it!

And my dear angie, the culture shock has already started, I miss Uganda sooo much! What's funny is I thought I'd miss America like crazy and that after two weeks I'd be dying for home, but other than missing my hubby and family I really could have happily stayed on in Uganda and didn't miss America that much other than little things I could deal with. I already miss Uganda though and feel an ache in my heart that makes me just want to cry. So I know I have to go back! Watch out Uganda, you'll be getting a second dose of Mai very soon!!!

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful and supportive comments!


angie said...

Yay! You made it home okay! Wonderful that you made such a connection with Uganda.

I spent a few months in Peru & it took me almost a month to get used to being back in the states. I saw the U.S. in a very different light after spending time in a third world country. I still miss Peru, and am not surprised returning home has been bittersweet for you.

Still, welcome back!

Brett Battles said...

Happy your back, but understand the attachment to a foriegn land. I had the same feeling both for Vietnam and Thailand. Even on trips to Europe in the past, I wasn't homesick for home, but was for where I had just visited.

And the work you were doing and the reason you went makes your trip all the more important in your life, and has created ties the average tourist never gets.

Next stop...grad school.


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