Lonnng First Day In The Pearl Of Africa

I have yet to have a full night's sleep since leaving home, but what an adventure it's been! Uganda is beautiful, of course, as are the people. It's amazing that I'm actually in Africa, I still can't completely believe it... though when I have to take a cold shower in the dark tonight (my first in two days!) I think reality might hit!! :)

I'm hurrying to get an entry in to let everyone know that I'm okay and got here safely. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR ALL THE COMMENTS, KEEP THEM COMING, I LOVE THEM!!!! I wish I could respond to all of them individually, but as the internet's super slow here and I have limited time on it, it's just not possible right now.

More later, I promise, including pictures!!!!!!!


Tony said...

checked out the blog and the pictures. They look great! Trev said he's also keeping up on your blog.

angie said...

So glad to hear you made it safe & sound! Looking forward to pics and regular(ish) updates.

Andrew said...

Travelling is by no means easy, but don't let it keep you from enjoying all of the things you've a chance to experience. Rest up so you can tell me about how different it must be.


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