Panic Attacks and Deep Sleep

I had been told that I would probably receive a bigger culture shock coming home than I did going to Uganda, and they weren't lying! As soon as I stepped off the plane in Cincy into the familiar airport I had a mini panic attack and actually though, Crap, I'm back here! Then I felt like I was in an alternate universe as I watched people walk by clean and well dressed, children being picky about their food and crying for some object in the shop window. I was in shock at the stark contrasts of the life I'd just been immersed in and stunned that most of the people around me probably don't even know where Uganda is in Africa. I felt like an alien in my own country, looking around in an almost paranoid state and feeling isolated in my confusion at how one country can have so much and another so little.

It was nice to get home, but it was odd to feel like I was in a luxury spa in my own home. I did have the deepest sleep I've had in a while and pretty much slept offand on all day. It'll take me a while to get used to living like this again and it makes me feel insanely spoiled and more determined to share my privileges with others by devoting myself to helping. It is in this spirit that I've taken on the position of American Ambassador of the Uganda Breakdance Project. I plan on working with the founder, Abramz, and doing some amazing things with his project including increasing awareness and raising funds. This guy is truly amazing, up until now he has been paying for the project mostly by himself with very little help. There will be a ton more info coming, I promise! You'll be flooded with info and ways you can contribute to this project so I hope you get involved in the efforts to build peace in Uganda.

Just to give you a taste of what amazing things Abramz's project creates, please check this out:

And just in case you weren't sure how amazing Abramz truly is and wanted some more evidence, check out his music video with his brother (he's also a rapper)... yup, no drugs or bitches and hoes rapped about here!


Tony said...

those are some sweet moves! Abramz and his crew rock!

mai wen said...

Oh, and you haven't even Seen the moves he taught me! I'll rock your socks off... well okay, so I suck, but I promised him I'd practice, so in time I'll seriously rock your socks off!

Watch out!


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