It's Official

The rumors have turned into truth. Tomlin is the new Steelers' head coach with a four year $2.5 million a year deal in his pocket. Better yet, it's said that he's keeping LeBeau! I would have been crushed to lose Cowher and LeBeau in the same season! Russ Grimm will obviously leave the Steelers after being passed over for the head coaching spot and so the Steelers are now in search for a new Offensive Coordinator and an Offensive Line Coach. It's no secret that our Offense struggled last year so I'm actually pretty optimistic to get a new look and direction with our Offense. While a little inconsistent due to injuries this year, our Defense has been the team's rock for years now and so I'm happy to have another Defensive minded head coach to keep our rock steady and keep our team's identity in tack. Some interesting insights on Tomlin and his calm coaching style. For those unfamiliar with Tomlin (I wasn't since I'm a Vikes fan), here's some info and links to more on Tomlin. Also, some fans individual takes on Tomlin as our new head coach. In addition to our Special Teams Coach possibly leaving to join Wiz at Arizona (Puhhh-lease take him!) it looks like the Steelers are entertaining Barr again as our punter. After the sorry season Gardocki had (who cares if he has never had a punt blocked if the hang time is next to nothing?) I'm ready to see new blood in our punting game and in our special teams play in general.

I'm excited to see what will happen, I really liked Tomlin with the Vikings and so I'm pretty stoked to see what he'll do with my Steelers. Of course now I have to worry about who will replace Tomlin with the Vikes, our running D was the one bright spot on our team last year so now I'm a little less excited about the Vikings prospects without Tomlin.

Sigh, it's so hard loving two teams sometimes.

Check out Deadspin's take on Tomlin as Steelers head coach... always an entertaining read!

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