The Power of Fantasy Football.

Just so I don't end the year 2009 with just one post (embarrassing!), I decided to explain how fantasy football is responsible for me going after my dreams.

It starts with a girl, obsessed with football and used to hanging with the boys when it comes to the sport. Then comes along fantasy football, now there's a point and use for all of her previously thought to be useless knowledge about football. Then came this year where said girl works at home with very little interaction with peers and she kicks some major ass in fantasy football and makes the playoffs in second place in the league. Then comes the game where said girl lets her husband (who did Not make the playoffs and was battling to not be last place most of the year - why oh why did she listen to him she now wonders) convince her to start Chris Jennings (RB Cleveland) over Maurice Morris (RB Detroit). This led to the devastating loss in which she would have won by over twenty points to a loss of two points.

All of this would have been upsetting in any given year, but this year where the girl was feeling isolated led her to tears. Yes. Tears. She yelled at her husband for a while, hoping that would make her feel better, but alas, it didn't. When she realized that perhaps there was more to this then just losing fantasy football. She remembered feeling down the last couple of days, the first time when she received an email from her old Creative Writing professor and mentor requesting an update of writing accomplishments to be sent to the English Department. Gulp. The girl felt a pain in her heart as she realized that if she were to respond her email would be blank. Then the very next day she was watching an interview of Eliza Dushku and heard her talking about how she'd just got back from Uganda to do research on building a trauma center for former child soldiers, and instead of feeling happy that someone else was pursuing her dream and helping the children, the girl felt her heart drop into her stomach in disappointment that it wasn't her that was helping the children.

Have you figured it out yet? Yes, I am said girl, shocking, I know. And after I was crying due to losing in fantasy football, that's when the realization hit that I needed to get back into something I was passionate about otherwise that little pain would just grow and I would just go crazier than I already was.

Thank you fantasy football.


I know its been over a year since I've last posted and I'm not sure anyone even checks this blog anymore or will bother to read it after all this time. Fair enough. I've been sucked from the virtual world with a lot of real world turbulence, both good and bad. Moving, traveling, etc...

But now I'm at a place where I've been given the opportunity to try to focus on my writing more seriously and get back into the things that I'm passionate about that has been left by the wayside while life has whisked me by.

So this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to start blogging again, mostly about my writing goals, progress and struggles, but also about the books I'm reading and my philanthropic interests, and lastly about my less serious interests such as sports, music, etc. - though some may doubt how less serious they are after seeing my reaction to my Vikes and both my fantasy football teams losing today.

And if people want to read about it, cool. If not, then this will just be my private journal about what's going on in my life. A place to dump my thoughts, keep myself organized, motivated and held accountable to my goals.

It's good to be back!

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