A Reminder And A Shout Out

I had mentioned way long ago that there was a group Flickr account for the Uganda trip, but I thought I'd re-mention it. I'll have to link it on my blog somewhere, I was thinking of making another badge, but that might just be too much so I might just throw another link there for the group account. The pictures on the group account will probably give you a better picture of the actual work/stuff we did there for the conference, such as pictures from the IDP camps and our speakers, etc. My pictures tended to be more social since for many of our trips only one person was allowed to take pictures. But please check it out, it gives a much more in depth view of our trip!

Also had to give a shout out to my dear friend Colin who helped lead the trip from Uganda. He's a unique person, to say the least. He's extraordinarily kind and ridiculously funny with a train of thought that is hard to follow sometimes. Really, I don't need to say anything else about him because you can get his dynamic personality from his blog so well, that you just need to go on over and check it out! He's a newbie blogger and I'm happy to give him a shout out and send you on over there. I promise, you will not lack for entertainment!

And just to prove that I really did know him before he became rich and famous from his blog, here is proof in form of a picture:

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