Moving On...

On Sunday I move officially to Raleigh, North Carolina with my dogs, my hubby and only a few suitcases. Luckily we found a furnished place that we'll stay in for a couple of months before we purchase a house so we don't have to move anything right now except for our daily necessities... but of course we've already found stuff that are packed in the storage garage that we need, and of course there's no way in hell we were able to find the stuff we needed. We also found a box with some wetness on it, which totally sucks and we'll have to talk to the storage company about it tomorrow.

But other than that, we're looking forward to the move, ready to ship on out of this lil' ol' state of Ohio. It's been cold and rainy the last couple of days, all the more increasing our anticipation for sunnier weather. It's been a rough week, saying good bye to family and friends and it's scary moving somewhere where we don't know anybody, but life's an adventure and I'm ready to ride!

I intend to get internet ASAP once we get into our duplex and have a lot of catching up to do on here! First of all I have a Ton of book reviews to catch up on from before Europe and then I read a handful while in Europe, trying to keep with a European theme for those books. I'll be back on board here soon and back to keeping up with my favorite Uganda, Literary and Sports news.

Speaking of, the NFL draft is later today (Saturday), do you have your mock drafts ready?

Next post, from North Carolina. Hey, I can be a Southern Gal, right?


Onward To England!

The Vagabond moves next to England from Switzerland. We took oodles of pictures in Switzerland because it's just that goddamn beautiful. It really has been our favorite place so far, especially after being in all those cities and seeing only architecture for weeks, it was amazing to get out into nature and enjoy natures beauty. We visited Mt. Pilatus in Luzern, biked the foothills of Mt. Jungfrau in Interlaken and then just enjoyed the peaceful Geneva. Today we fly back to London for our last week in Europe. We had met some people in Interlaken from Dayton, Ohio (just a stone's throw away from where we used to live) and got an invite to stay with a couple of them in Edinburgh for a couple of days where they're currently living. I am sad to see the trip coming to a close but eager also to see my family and friends and I've been missing my pets like crazy. Any cat or dog within the vicinity of me gets a visit, whether they (or the owners) like it or not! Soon it'll be the adventures of mai wen in the great North Carolina!!

Pictures will be coming with in the next month or so. Except for the ones of my bad night in Amsterdam... those will be under lock and key.


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