Dancing, Fame and Toliets

Let's start with the basics. This is my toilet. At first I was so happy it wasn't just a hole in the ground, as I was warned it might be. But then I wondered how I was going to poo, as anyone who knows me knows I'm not very coordinated. But I did find a toilet with a seat down the street from me, so problem adverted, I'm sure you're happy to know. There are more pictures of my room on my Flickr account.

I'm so sorry I've been slow to get up a good post, but the computers here have been ridiculously mind numbingly slow. I'm on a resort right now relaxing after a Very trying day yesterday and so it has nice (and expensive!) internet. However, I have to take advantage of it to upload all my photos so I can take more at Gulu since my disk is almost all full. We're leaving for Gulu tomorrow morning, so I definitely will not have internet access until Friday at the earliest (when we come back to Kampala).

I've decided that I'm going to die here in some completely random manner. Nope, not by malaria or boda bodas (the taxi motorcycles here that are extremely dangerous) but by tripping and falling and splitting my head open. I've tripped, bumped into things, cut my finger on my razor, cut my arm on barbed wire. I'm a mess. I'm quite known for it actually now amongst my group!

While I'm famous amongst my American group for my clumsiness, I'm actually quite famous to the Ugandan people. To the extent that I was interviewed!! Hehe, okay, so maybe famous is a stretch, and just so you know, the newspaper is government run and I definitely did not "demand" anything, but the quote is pretty accurate... other than the "Sir," I didn't say that and I'm not sure why it was added. I actually kind of panicked when he asked me that question because he was only supposed to be interviewing me about the Kimeeza and why I came and he kind of just sprung that on me. I was also interviewed (on camera, ugh) by a local news station that did that same thing, only they sprung a question about women and work on me. I truly felt like an idiot when answering because I was not at all prepared.

Anyways, more annoying photo uploading news, I was happily uploading when my camera ran out of batteries. Grrrr, at least I got some uploaded. Oh well. Luckily the group will be having a joint Flickr account and so I'll link to that and you can see a lot of the pictures I might now be able to take!

Beyond that, I'm getting used to the living conditions, surprisingly! I thought I'd be a lot more finicky than I am. I'm having so much fun and have absolutely fallen in love with many people here, including my roommate, Lynn, and especially one of the Ugandan leads of the trip, Colin and this AMAZING person, Abramz. You have to check out his Breakdance Project Page to see what a young (he's 24) person can do and what a difference one person can make. The people in general are amazing and I'll be posting many many posts following my trip about many different issues and thoughts that have presented themselves to me on this trip. I've learned a lot about the world and myself this trip.

Alright, since I can't upload any more pictures and it's expensive, mine as well go and get some sun!!

Much love to everyone in the states! I'm really enjoying every minute and they may have to drag me home...

P.S. I'm even more depressed to go home because of the news of Cowher retiring. I seriously almost cried, it's surely an end of an era...

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Andrew said...

This is my toilet.

This is my toilet. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My toilet is my best friend.


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