Taketh From One, Giveth To Another

So the reports are that Tomlin, the amazing Defensive coordinator that took the Vikings sorry Defense and turned it around literally in a year to have one of the best Run Defenses in the league, has been snatched from the Vikings to replace Cowher as the Steelers' new head coach.

Mixed feelings have arisen for me since I am of course a Vikings and a Steelers fan and the Steelers have taken one of the best Defensive Coordinators we've had in quite some time (our D has sucked for a while now, basically) and our team will definitely be hurt by this loss. However, I'm totally stoked at the thought of seeing Tomlin, whom I'd watched and followed closely this last season with the Vikes, take the reigns of my other fave team, the Steelers. I'm not surprised by the pick, I really didn't see the Steelers going Offensively with their coaching pick (hello, look at their last two coaches/last thirty plus years of coaching) and they like going for the young up-and-comer. He must have really impressed them, which is good enough for me and I really hope he does well. My only concern is that Tomlin is more of a Cover-2 guy which really doesn't fit our 3-4 Defense right now, and we definitely don't have the budget to reorg our defense with the type of guys that can do Cover-2 and 4-3 D, so I'm hoping he's willing to adjust his experience to the 3-4 D and I'm really hoping LeBeau will stick around to make that transition easier. Plus, I just really freaking love the 3-4 and would be totally pissed if he changed that!!!

Next year will be an exciting and interesting year, except that the Vikes' D will totally suck again. Sigh.


Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

I like the hiring. It represents a fresh start, and I think it sends an upbeat message to players and fans. I have to believe the players are stoked.

mai wen said...

Yeah, players on the Vikings D really seemed to like Tomlin and heavily credit him for their turn around this year. I've liked his sideline presence this past year and am excited to see him develop.

I liked your analysis of him on your blog, I linked it in my most recent post!!!


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