My Life As A Movie

Does anyone else sometimes imagine their life to music, like it is in the movies? Sometimes I'll be driving home or walking down a hallway and I'll hear slow motion music in my head and know that this is a moment and I'll walk with an extra swing in my hips and imagine my hair flowing as I walk because life is dramatic and beautiful and every moment is the most meaningful moment of your life. I definitely have theme music to my life and I often see life in extreme, artsy, movie-like terms. When I people watch I write their stories in my head almost automatically, and usually it's crappy over dramatic or dark stuff. I've realized through the years I've spent with my husband that this is not completely normal, or at least this isn't the lenses that everyone sees the world through. Perhaps you could call it the artsy lenses, the eyes that are able to make the world beautiful and meaningful in moments that others wouldn't even take any notice to. Maybe I'm just a drama queen, I know I've been accused of that before. Although these lenses sometimes distract or depress me, I love it. My life seems fuller just by the way I see it and that is also why I despise my job. Staring at a computer screen all day long testing a website really sucks that sort of thing out of you. Despite waiting for Then We Came to The End a novel about office life that might actually help me look at it creatively again, videos like this (thanks to my bro) always tug at the strings in your heart and also at the inner artist for those of us who like to view life as if it were a movie.

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