At Last...

The long awaited toilet picture.

Yes, I have thighs of steel now.

By the way, that toilet does not flush. See that container in the bottom right corner? You are supposed to fill that with water to wash the waste down. FYI, most of the people did NOT do this. There's nothing like seeing and smelling other people's poo first thing in the morning.


Andrew said...

Maybe nobody wants to hear this, but then they probably wouldn't read the comments on your toilet post.

In China very many restrooms (well, I can only really speak for the mens' rooms) are essentially a trough running along the outside edge of the room. If you need to urinate, then you go ahead and do that like you would any trough. If you've got to defecate, you go on and squat backwards and do that into the trough. And then there's a weak, really weak, stream of water in the trough to I suppose keeps things moving.

It didn't work.

One bathroom in particular was absolutely horrid because you can see all of the previous waste, and there was some shit all over the floor and there was a kid, maybe like 6 years old, squatting to take a poo and COMPLETELY missing the trough. And the smell was absolutely foul. And I can't imagine if you lose your balance (I guess the Chinese get pretty good at squatting).

Many other bathrooms are like the one in this post, where you squat over an in-ground john to deuce which isn't so bad, but does take some adjustment.

In many of the more advanced places (Beijing and Shanghai), and especially hotels and other places that Americans / other foreigners would go have American-style toilets.

mai wen said...

OMG, I had no idea. I will officially stop complaining about the bathrooms in Uganda now!!!

Soooooooooooo gross!


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