Win, Lose... Draw

So it might be incredibly mean spirited of me, but I prefer to think of it as a very fierce rivalry, but I'm thrilled to have been the hammer on the Bengals' playoff dreams this year! Fine, I wasn't the hammer per se, but my team sure was! In what was a thrilling game in which I screamed my throat sore and got in shouting matches with at least one Bengals fan (okay, so I called him a pussy, but he really was being one) my Steelers saved some face and defeated the Bengals in what would later be revealed as the devastation to their playoff hopes. The Bengals had needed Kansas City to Win, Denver to Lose and to beat the Steelers in order to get the sixth seed... all happened except for the Win against the Steelers.

Despite that, I'm in a hustle now that freaking Delta canceled my flight for tomorrow and booked me on a flight that would have resulted in me missing my Uganda flight, so I have to fly in much earlier than expected to JFK tomorrow which means I have much more to do tonight to get ready and much less time alone with my hubby tomorrow (we're having family over for the New Years tonight). That really upsets me, but it is what it is I suppose. The reality of the trip has yet to hit since I've been so busy, but I'm sure it'll be quite the culture shock when it does. Bring it on!

Go STEELERS! There's always next year to regain our Super Bowl title... now how to get Cowher to stay one more year? I'm dreading his press conference next week... and yes, even from Uganda I'll definitely be keeping an eye on my Steelers. At least if we move to Raleigh I can stalk Cowher in his new 2.5 million dollar home... is that a bit too fanatical? Nahhhhh.

P.S. Didn't want to mention it, but thought I should. Yeah, the Vikings blow. But as I tell people constantly, they're in the rebuilding process... right?

P.P.S. I should also mention that I do feel bad for my friends and family who are Bengals fans and I mean no hard feelings towards them. My rivalry is completely with the team and with the dumb ass Bengals fans I have to deal with on a daily basis.



Brett Battles said...

As I was watching the end of the Steelers/Bengals game, I couldn't help but think of you and your hubbie there in the stands somewhere loving every minute of it. When they pulled out the win, I actually thought "Mai Wen has got to be going crazy right now."


Lisa R-S said...

Yes and you had bragging rights at work that you missed out on. I was thinking of you today as Alex was talking about the game, Mai should be here to talk up her team that those Bengals fans gave her such a hard time about. The Bengals loss is Kansas City's gain.


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