Sucker For The Eskie

I've seen and gleefully commented on Jeff's Eskie from his blog, Syntax of Things, in the past, but this is just too precious that I just about died when I saw it! Now, I truly doubt My Eskie would sit for this shot, so I'm Very impressed with his dog rearing skills as well.

Here some shots of my girl for comparison.

Here's my Dixie being a little hoochie-mama. We call her a slut for touch because she will do just about anything to get you to pet her, from pawing to shoving her nose under your hand, to creeping slowly into your lap with this utterly devastating expression on her face that's like Please love me! She even used to dig on us, but that stopped real quick when we'd instinctively react by jerking our body up so she'd go flying across the room.

And here's Dixie in her usual form. Sure, she acts like a Princess around the house, but get her outside and she's a wild child.

Yes, I'm very doubtful I could get her to sit still enough for me to put stuff on and around her (trust me, I've tried). I guess that's what I have my Sheltie for!

To add to my Eskie delight, Jeff has sent me a link to this previous post of his. It's the story of his Eskie and the heartbreak he had from the news of the coming baby. It's great, innovative, and again, I'm very impressed... I mean, how did he get Homer to sit at the computer?!?! I may never know.

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