Gearing Up

Yup, it's that time of year again... Football Season! As I gear up for the Steelers' first preseason game (this Saturday at 4pm on the NFL Network) I can't help but to reminisce over the last two Amazing years the Steelers have had since My Big Ben has graced the team with his maturity, presence, skill and athleticism. Having watched Ben throughout college at THE Miami University and having met him, I can say that Ben is one of a kind and is a special player who is devoted and a great representation of the Steelers' integrity that they're so well known for. I'm going to untack my Terrible Towel from my basement wall (where it hangs next to the large Steelers' Super Bowl XL banner), get out my Big Ben jersey and enjoy the best time of the year... FOOTBALL SEASON! I have no doubt my Steelers will repeat with another Super Bowl win because, obviously, they're the best team ever... and try to tell me otherwise and that's terms for elimination of our friendship.

I'm so excited I could pee my pants! This picture just makes me tear up... yup, you did it Ben! Youngest QB Ever to win the Big One! We're so proud!

I'm also participating in two Fantasy Football teams, one of which I got corralled into being Commissioner for, which I've already muffed up by making it unnecessarily difficult for people to sign up for our group... doh! I told them I didn't know what I was doing. Ah well, when it comes to the game, I'll kick all of their arses. I have made it to the playoffs every year that I've played... watch out, here I come!

Just a fair warning, my posts on Fridays and Saturdays may begin to find themselves football related, and posts on Monday most definitely will! You know a football fanatic when she has the preseason schedule tacked up in her cube... :).


S. W. Vaughn said...

Hey Mai,

Hope you're having a funner day. :-) No worries about being in a cube -- we all gotta do what we gotta do.

If I watched football, I'd cheer for the Steelers. :-)

mai wen said...

The Steelers are a good way to start with football, they don't disappoint, even if they lose a game, they play with such heart you can't be mad at 'em! :)

I already have a plan of escape from my cube because I fear I would deteriate into a sludge pile of waste if I stayed here much longer. I always knew that the Business World wasn't for me (hence the Psychology Major) but this past year has just reinforced that for me. At least now I know for sure that I want to go into Social Work, something I wasn't really sure about after I graduated from my undergrad.

Anonymous said...

I understand you're a fan and everything, but a little bit of objectivity is probably in order here. Obviously the Bengals haven't been impressing at all this off-season and you've made sure to note every single incident.

And that's fine.

But at least try and acknowledge the Ben Roethlisberger stuff. You're talking about somebody who went at high speeds on a motorcycle without a helmet. There really isn't much else to say.

Yeah, the Bengals (well, Ohio in general) have been a complete embarrassment. And it's great you're such a dedicated fan, but it's bile-inducing to real such unbridled adulation for somebody that did a very very stupid thing.

Plus, the Bengals look good in black stripes.

mai wen said...


First, you're lucky I didn't delete your comment if you didn't have the guts to attach your name onto it, even though I have a good idea of who you are...

Nonetheless, I shall respond to your sad Bengals worship (which is even sadder because you're not originally from this area so you really have no excuse to like the team, I can forgive the poor saps who were born and raised here). First, I could easily say that a large percent of motorcycle riders don't were helmets and I have had people I know who ride tell me they've actually Gotten into accidents because of their helmets (less visibility). Now, I don't ride motorcylces, don't know much about it, so I can't judge people's opinion on that one, but I do have to respect people are doing the best for their safety standards. As well as the fact that one of the things that makes Ben the Hall of Famer QB that he is is because of his free spirit and confidence. Like the Great Cowher said to Ben, no matter what, don't lose your free spirit because that's what makes you who you are. And who he is is great. You can't really argue with that with his 15-1 rookie season and his, uh, SUPER BOWL WIN his sophomore year.

In addition, everyone does stupid things, does that mean nobody deserves "unbridled adulation"? If all of your stupid things were splashed onto national TV, would you want people to stop looking up to you and just drop you like a sack of corn?

And Lastly, the Bengals uniforms are probably the ugliest in the NFL, they actually do look like bile.

Come on, bro, are you only going to leave comments on my blog to rag on me? You gotta love the sibling love. Oh, it must be because you know I'll be whooping your ass AGAIN in Fantasy Football. If you don't start leaving Positive, Encouraging, Nice comments on my blog there'll be hell to pay.

mai wen said...

P.S. It's my blog, I don't have to be objective, I can say whatever I want. That's a great thing about a blog, you should get one so you can have a space where you can rag on my blog all you want, like only a good big brother would. ;-)


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