Snazzy New Look!

I got creative and experimented with a new look for my blog. Unfortunately it seems to Not work in Internet Explorer... soooo if you want to check out the new digs I suggest using Fire Fox! It also works in Netscape and I have no idea about any Mac browsers since I'm a PC loser.

I'm currently trying to pretend that I'm a programmer and figure out why the look isn't coming through in IE, hopefully I'll have it fixed soon for you IE users out there!

Thanks much for you patience and let me know what you think. I like it so far, I feel it's more me and a little more original than those Blogger offered templates.

Enjoy (as long as you're not in IE, that is).


Bill Cameron said...

It looks good on my Mac! Nice job! I use Opera mostly, but it also looks good in Safari.

mai wen said...

Great! Thanks so much for checking it on your Mac, I was worried how it'd look on there - you do see a flower and colors on the page right? My dear hubby looked at it at work in IE and was like it looks great, honey! And when I asked him what browser he was in, I asked him if what he saw was just a big blank, white background? Which is what he saw, but I guess that's what he thought I meant to do!

At home I showed it to him in Fire Fox and he was like, Ohhhh, yeah, that looks awesome. LOL

Flood said...

Everyone should be using Firefox anyway. My template looks like hell in IE.

I love the new look!

mai wen said...

Thanks Flood! I think I'm going to steal your "Best viewed in Firefox" idea if you don't mind, that's such a smart idea!!

Brett Battles said...

Nice. Like it. Looks good in Safari.

(Long Live MAC! Mai Wen...come to the dark side...)

mai wen said...

You know, Brett, I've definitely considered it, I guess I shy away from Macs out of ignorance! Whenever I try to use one I get so frustrated because I don't know my way around the darn thing since I've only had PCs... but I've heard they're much less buggy and just far superior overall - at least that's what my geeky computer programmer co-workers say, and you know you they know what they're talking about! ;-)

Sandra Ruttan said...

I use Safari too.

Sorry for your PC handicap. :)

Bill Cameron said...

I do see the flower in all my Mac browsers. Just looked in Firefox and Mozilla too.

I prefer Opera, especially now that it's free, because of all the tabs and site controls. But they all have their strengths and weaknesses, of course.

The new looks is lovely, Mai!

Hubby said...

I can see it, I can see your beautiful blog now!

mai wen said...

Thanks Bill for checking about the flower for me! :)

Thank you Sandra for your sympathy, us PC handicapped people need all we can get!

Yay, hubby! Glad you can Finally see it, it's about time you downloaded Firefox anyways, you'll be hooked, it's my favorite browser (it has the cool tab feature).


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