Okay, okay. I Give In, But In An Affectionate Way, I Swear...

I really resisted posting this post even though I thought the exact same thing when I first saw this picture from the game pics on ESPN.com. However, I'm breaking down, there are too many good posts on this (like here and here), and it's an affectionate jab. You Know that I love Big Ben with all my heart (sorry hubby), and I'm very glad that he's comfortable cuddling up with a fellow heterosexual man, I respect that in a man (and I'm actually being serious here). Truly, Ben seems like a great, warm guy, that picture just demonstrates this too well.
Here, to counter the warm fuzziness of the first pic, I'll post this pic where Ben's applauding like he'd just killed his prey and is about to eat it, also thanks to ESPN.com.

Did I mention GO STEELERS?!?!

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