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In response to my " now I feel as if I have to put something important here" comment in my last post, I am now posting the most important post of my blog. Read it, memorize it, do it. Yes, finally there is a drinking game for those of us getting too old to drink with the athleticism of flip cup or beer pong (you could strain your wrist, you know!). A game with the perfect combination of humor, drinking and politics. It's the Daily Show Drinking Game! The rules are simple, take a drink every time:

  • Jon says "Meet me at camera three"
  • Anyone notes that the Daily Show isn't actually daily
  • when Jon references the fact that his audience is (supposedly) made up of nothing but stoners
  • When Canada is mocked
  • When, during an interview, Jon precedes a question with "let me ask you this"
  • When complex graphics or charts are used to make a point (the Evolution Schmevolution giraffes, etc.)
  • The word "taepodong" is mentioned.
  • Jon does the "rub the eyes with his fists" and says...whaaaaaaaaa??
  • Jon points to the camera/audience
  • Jon cracks up (do 2 shots if it's during the Colbert Report check-in).
  • Jon remarks that he's terrible at impersonations.
  • Any time the Mess O' Potamia graphic is used.
  • Any time Samantha Bee makes noises instead of using words.
  • Jon covers his face with the script sheets
  • Jon tells the audience to "settle, settle"
  • Rob Corddry mentions Boston, Massachussetts, or the Red Sox.
  • Jon mentions his kids while interviewing someone who has kids.
  • Every time a correspondent wears "that" khaki fishing vest.

  • And from one reader: " ...and to top it all off, you must be naked for The Moment of Zen."

  • And one from Me: anytime Jon calls an organization the acronym NAMBLA, if anyone watched the show the other night you would have gotten WASTED!
Man, I miss Colbert's This Week in God skit, I know Rob Corddry does it now, but it's just not as good (no offense Rob... if you ever read my blog, which you won't). If Colbert comes back to do a guest skit of This Week in God I'll drink a whole gallon of beer, I swear, I'll do it! Just make it happen and it's a done deal. Ah, I can here the blabbity boops in my head now...

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