My City's Angrier and Drunker Than Yours!

So, How Angry Is Your City?

Current habitation:
  • Cincinnati, OH is #34 on the list, though I'd think it'd be higher! But maybe the city just makes me that angry, which is why I need to get outta here!
Previous habitation:
  • Minneapolis, MN is #77 on the list, which makes sense since people are pretty mellow and super nice there. Interestingly though, it's Twin City, St. Paul is #54! I find that very odd. I'll have to ruminate on that one to figure out why.
Possible future habitations:
  • Denver, CO #26, Yikes! With all the mountains in the area you'd think it'd be more peaceful
  • Boston, MA #39, maybe they're so angry over the ridiculous housing costs
  • Columbus, OH #53, at least it's better than Cinci!
  • Austin, TX #81, the happiest city yet and actually our #1 pick on where to move if I get into school there
  • Pittsburgh, PA #90, with the Steelers winning Super Bowls and such, what is there to be angry about. Now, were Big Ben more permanently injured in his motorcycle accident, that city could have easily shot up to the top 20s.
This list ranked 100 cities based on high blood pressure.

And, How Drunk Is Your City? (I have a feeling these two lists may be related in some way)

Current habitation:
  • Cincinnati, OH is #16 on the list, we have to do something to drown the miseries of living in such a horrible city.
Previous habitation:
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN is a whopping #2 on the list! Well that explains why Minneapolis has such non-angry people, but adversely, could it also explain why St. Paul has such angry people?
Possible future habitations:
  • Columbus, OH #3, man, I'm picking the BEST places to apply to for grad school
  • Boston, MA #4, they probably have to drink away their sorrows of being ridiculously in debt from their overpriced housing
  • Austin, TX #5, another grad school choice gets in the top 10, I've got my priorities right
  • Pittsburgh, PA #8, with the Steelers winning Super Bowls and such, Pittsburgh has a lot of celebratory drinking to take care of. Now, were Big Ben more permanently injured in his motorcycle accident, that city would have had a lot of depression to drink away, so they would still be in the top 10.
  • Denver-Boulder, CO #15, come on Denver, I thought you'd do better than that! I mean with all the mountains there for us to go skiing drunk on
This list ranked 35 cities. The cities were ranked in five areas: state laws, number of drinkers, number of heavy drinkers, number of binge drinkers and alcoholism.

Thanks again to The Burgh Blog for sharing these links.


Brett Battles said...

After reading all your posts, one thing you might want to consider...red state or blue...but, hey, I could be wrong :)

mai wen said...

Haha, well I was born in the right color in Minnesota, but since have drifted to the less favorable color in Ohio.

I'm definitely considering the area of where I'm moving, for example Texas as a whole is a very conservative state, but Austin's known for being liberal, so I can live with Texas being the less favorable color! ;-)

mai wen said...

P.S. California's a Very nice color! Maybe I should consider moving there! ;-)

angie said...

Those city statistics always crack me up. Of course, another thing to consider is the weather! Not likely to get much in the way of snow in Austin...looks like most of the other ones you're considering are more snowy locales.

mai wen said...

Very true, angie! I don't mind snow too much since I'm from the snowy Minnesota, it's just places like here in Ohio where it's cold and miserable but you barely get snow, more like mush so that everything's gray and ucky. My hubby's not too keen on snow though, he'd love to live somewhere warm all year long! Not sure how my Sheltie will fair with warm weather year long! He has so much coat he lays in the snow!

I think it'd be interesting/fun to live in the South since I've been a Northern girl all my life!!

Brett Battles said...

I think I speak for all Californians that we would welcome you and your hubby any time you'd like to come.

mai wen said...

Aww, thank you so much! My brother used to live in San Francisco, and I still have a cousin there, and I Loved it! It's so expensive though, that's the only drawback.

Maybe we'll consider it when I become a rich and famous author... oh wait, is that an oxymoron?


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