Life's Kicking Me In The Ass

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, with my grandma sick and in town and as I just found out, was rushed to the hospital last night for a heart attack, and then the stress of studying for the GREs, which I definitely do not feel prepared for, working on two different very demanding non-profit fundraisers (Gulu Walk and Connections), preparing for some other big, last minute developments, and then today, out of all things, I get pink eye. WTF? Can you get pink eye from stress? So basically I have barely had time to read for fun, mediate, work out, write or blog - my major relaxants in life (not that I can do any of those things with a burning left eye). Even when I'm watching my precious football games (yes, even preseason football games are precious, I mean how else are you going to sniff out your sleeper candidates for your fantasy football team?) I'm trying to fit some GRE studying in during the commercials.

So, life's definitely kicking me in the ass right now. I'm sure there's other things that are stressing me out as well that I'm just forgetting and probably neglecting.

So anyways, these vid clips are my cop out for blogging on something even remotely interesting. I think they're so freaking cute, but I'm a dog nut, so I'm not biased. Hope it entertains you as much as it did me!


Sandra Ruttan said...

Sorry to hear about your grandma, Mai Wen. No need to apologize - I hope things get better for you soon. I didn't think you could get pink eye from stress, but it is highly contagious...

mai wen said...

Thanks so much, Sandra! Yeah, I've been hearing all day from my co-workers how contagious it is... you think they're hinting I should go home early? I might just take the hint! :)

angie said...

Those vid clips are awesome. Kind of creepy the things we make our four-legged buddies do, but damn are they cute! I know a woman who has a dog that smiles - no joke, & it looks a little creepy with all those teeth, but she smiles when she meets new people or when she's really happy to see you.

Feel better, lady. Pink eye sucks. The rest of it doens't sound so hot either.

mai wen said...

Oh, don't I know it, Angie! I do agility with my Sheltie (mostly for him since I don't have anything for him to herd, this takes that energy and puts it into something else other than destroying my house), but I'm Shocked at what I can get him to do. I mean, why the heck would a dog Ever want to go over a teeter-totter?

Thanks for your well wishing! My pink eye's the worse when I'm looking at a computer screen, too bad that's all my job is! Oh well, at least I get to work from home a couple of days while I recover so I don't infect others! :)

Renée Robinson said...

Get well soon, Mai, and sorry to hear about your grandma. I hope she also has a swift recovery.
And thanks for the doggy vids! I'm going to amp up the training with my little pooch now:) Maybe... I'm too soft. If she doesn't do what I say she'll roll onto her back for a belly rub, I say awwww, and give her a treat anyway. Must cut that out:)

mai wen said...

Thank you Renee, my grandmother's getting better but still isn't back to her full strength.

Yeah, I've been slacking on keeping up with obedience with my doggies and now I'm doing agility with one and I'm seeing where my slacking is kicking me in the butt!

They've really gotta stop being so darn cute!


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