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... Okay, and it's really fun to play with, too!

Check out how magazines photoshop pictures of models. It's surprising, and yet not. I think the breasts are the hugest touch-up, so to speak (they're at least double the size!), but they're all pretty big differences. Wow, these "perfect" women are actually just Normal Women! Shocking.

Browse the rest of the website and they'll show you un-photoshopped pictures of celebs. Here's a sneak peek of Cameron Diaz (who I like, so I'm not trying to put her down or anything, but I think it's a great thing to see these "stars" who are up on pedestals in real life looking like normal people):

In the site's "About" section, the site creator, Niva Kedem has this message:

This website was created to show the world the truth behind the models and movie stars glamour Images.

I dedicate the website to all the women that look at the mirror and think that the girl in the poster is much nicer; I also dedicated the website to all the men that believe Pamela Anderson is more beautiful than their own wife or girl friend, or the girl next door.

There is a beauty in every woman; you just need the right make up artist/photographer/graphic designer to show it better :-)

Cool website, to say the least.

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Niva Kedem said...

Thank you!

Please forward the website address to your friends and ask them to keep forward! This may help to save some people's life (for example young girls that don't eat)


Niva Kedem


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