One For The Toe?

Ever wonder what the Steelers are going to call this year's quest for their sixth Super Bowl ring? Last year was "One For The Thumb", so will this year be "One For The Toe" or "One For The Other Thumb" or maybe even "One For The Ring-Finger Of The Other Hand"... hmm, I have not heard anything yet. Well, until the jury's out on that one, please enjoy with me a reminisce of the past and possibly a glimpse into the future.

Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my face for this next vid clip.

I know, I know. Anthony Smith's just a rookie so he'll need time to learn our complicated defensive schemes, but I can't help it. I want him to start the regular season! It doesn't help that Carter and Clark have been poor replacements for Hope's sorely missed presence. Can you imagine Polamalu and Smith out there together? It'd be Tasmanian Devil meets the Juggernaut! I may have to wait a year before they put Smith in there as starting Free Safety to compliment Strong Safety and insanely talented Polamalu, and I'll be drooling over clips and hits like this until then.

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