Oh My

News Gone Wild is right. Check out these opening paragraphs from an article on Joe Francis by reporter Claire Hoffman:

Joe Francis, the founder of the "Girls Gone Wild"” empire, is humiliating me. He has my face pressed against the hood of a car, my arms twisted hard behind my back. He'’s pushing himself against me, shouting: "This is what they did to me in Panama City!"

It'’s after 3 a.m. and we'’re in a parking lot on the outskirts of Chicago. Electronic music is buzzing from the nightclub across the street, mixing easily with the laughter of the guys who are watching this, this me-pinned-and-helpless thing.

He has turned on me, and I don'’t know why. He'’s going on and on about Panama City Beach, the spring break spot in northern Florida where Bay County sheriff'’s deputies arrested him three years ago on charges of racketeering, drug trafficking and promoting the sexual performance of a child. As he yells, I wonder if this is a flashback, or if he'’s punishing me for being the only blond in sight who'’s not wearing a thong. This much is certain: He'’s got at least 80 pounds on me and I'’m thinking he'’s about to break my left arm. My eyes start to stream tears.

There has been much discussion in blogosphere of the horidness of Francis' actions outlined in this article but also of the objectivity of Hoffman's article and whether or not it was right to publish it. It is obvious that a victim of an attack cannot stay objective to the attacker, and that is where the controversy over her article is coming from. This article probably would have been better classified as an editorial or a personal piece rather than a "news" article, but I wouldn't have had it written by another reporter as the Morning News article suggested. I do respect the integrity of journalism, but at the same time I wouldn't want to lose the impact or the power of the article.

Nonetheless, I don't think anyone will disagree that Francis is creepy and gross. 'Cuz he is... ewwwww.


Bill Cameron said...

Yes, creepy and gross is a good way of describing a very bad man.

mai wen said...



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