The Future Face Of The Vikings

Tarvaris Jackson, the rookie QB from Alabama whom many thought was quite a reach for the Vikings to grab in the second round of the draft has turned out to be quite a pleasant surprise! With a 95.8 passer rating this Saturday against My Steelers (I know, the game was a killer of conflicting feelings for me... at least it was a meaningless game) Tarvaris completed nine of 11 passes for 80 yards and a touchdown.

Bottom line, he looked good, calm and solid. Meanwhile, McMahon who was slated to be our No. 2 QB behind veteran Brad Johnson was a mess! The debate, as this article outlines, is whether Tarvaris is winning the No. 2 spot or McMahon losing it. Probably a little bit of both.

Well that's convenient, another QB with the number 7 on his chest (like Big Ben #7, for those of you who didn't know). I just have to wait a couple of years to be sure, and then his jersey is mine! I lucked out, I was on the verge of buying the Culpepper jersey last year but didn't because honestly I wasn't a Huge fan of him, especially at the beginning of last season. He was useless with out Randy Moss and I truly don't find Culpepper a super accurate QB, he's just got that huge arm, which worked well with the talents of Moss. Thank goodness I held off on buying it though!

I did just buy a Polamalu jersey though so let's hope he sticks around for the Steelers for quite a few years to come. Since I already own Big Ben's jersey (of course!) it was between Polamalu and Hines Ward and although Hines is more of a sure thing to stick around I couldn't resist and get Polamalu. And I'm excited because it's an actual woman's fit versus my Big Ben jersey that is Huge on me since I bought it as soon as he was drafted and they only had two sizes of jerseys, male large and male medium - though it is very nice for those cold outdoor winter games when I can wear a hoody under it! It'll be Very useful on New Year's Eve when Pittsburgh will be visiting Cincinnati for the season closer since I've Got Tickets to the game!! Wahoo, I'm totally going to get clobbered by Bengals' fans, lucky for me I'm married to a 6'3" Steelers' fan who will hopefully keep them mean Bengals' fans at bay! :)

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