Case of the MUN-DAYS

For those of you who don't know, I volunteer for my county's Rape Crisis Center. I volunteer for 12-hour shifts and go to the hospital any time a rape victim is taken there and take counseling calls for rape survivors, child sexual abuse survivor, and families of survivors. So, I tell you all this so I can complain. I was on call Saturday night and Sunday day (the shifts go from 6pm-6am and 6am-6pm), I was very fortunate to not get a call. However, last night I get a call at around 3:30am! Luckily I'm a light sleeper and heard it because my phone was across the room. I get up and check my phone, having a nagging sense that it was the volunteer at the Crisis Center (which works in conjunction to the Rape Crisis Center, they have the hotline number monitored 24-hours a day and they get called when there is a rape or for a counseling call, then they call the Rape Crisis volunteers). I call back to inform the volunteer that I'm Not on call. It has happened before and is Very annoying but this time was more so because she wouldn't believe me, the little rascal! I keep insisting that I'm not on call and she keeps insisting that I am, saying my name is in the box (our schedule is in calendar form, with night shifts on one side, then day shifts on the other side of the paper). I asked her to flip the calendar over and she still insisted I was on call. So I had to get out of bed, go downstairs, find my calendar and Read to her the names of the people on call!! At that point a light bulb must of went off in her head because she quickly became apologetic. So, I'm all understanding that people will make mistakes, but first of all, is it Truly that hard to Read a Calendar? And second, I was telling her to flip the calendar over since I knew she was reading the Day Shift side and she just wouldn't listen to me. To volunteer for the Rape Crisis Center is no simple thing, you have to give your shift requests nearly a month in advance and you must stay available at a moment's notice during your shift. I gave up a Anna Nalick concert this weekend because I found out about it too late and was already scheduled to be on call. These are the sacrifices I'm happy to make because I believe so strongly in the cause. However, I am Very irritated indeed when I'm disturbed when I am Not on call and beyond being disturbed because someone can't read the calendar (and personally if it were me I'd check and double check to make sure I was calling the right person before I called and woke them up in the middle of the night), I was so annoyed she wouldn't listen to me and flip the darn calendar over. Insisting that I was on call as if I wouldn't know when I'm on call! I take my job with the center very seriously, if I'd been on call my phone would have been by my head, my clothes laid out, and I would most definitely have known that I was on call.

Needless to say that I barely got sleep the rest of the night, it takes me forever to fall asleep in general, but when woken up that much I was restless the rest of the night. My hubby and I had planned on getting up early to go running, but of course he knew I wouldn't get back to sleep (he knows me too well) so that got thrown out the window and now I'm tired and cranky.

Yes, I have a case of the Mun-days.

So, I felt the need to compile a short list of things that annoy me to the point of, well, blogging about it. If you're in a cheerful mood, sorry for this post as I am clearly not!

1. People who cut in front of me with no blinker and last minute so I have to slam on my brakes
2. People who get into car accidents before I've even had my breakfast and keep me from getting my breakfast by making me wait to get by them. Come on, we're all adults here, can't we learn how to drive?
3. Newly stripped roads that are not yet paved, getting dust and rocks all over my newly cleaned car
4. Waking up early
5. Janelle from Big Brother 6 and 7 and the fact that the world seemingly loves this shallow, mean person. I've actually gotten into a "heated discussion" about Janelle on somebody's blog (who shall remain nameless) in which I expressed my surprise in him remarking in a post that she's the best Big Brother player of all time since she did not in fact Win BB6, in which he heatedly replied that I just didn't like her because I was jealous she had big boobs and women never like other women with big boobs (you'd think he were her boyfriend or something...) To which I replied that I in fact did not mention her breast size and have friends with generous sizing of boobs and that that is a sweeping and incorrect generalization to say that women don't like women with big boobs. I compared it with the generalization I could have made that men Only liked Janelle Because of her big boobs, but of course I would never make such a generalization. I proposed to this particular blogger that I did not like her because she was shallow, petty and selfish and that I used to enjoy Big Brother, but season 6 was so high schoolish and just ugly in the manner in which people treated each other (Janelle often being the ring leader) that I was repulsed and cannot watch the show anymore. So I likened people loving Janelle to teenagers loving the popular kids in high school even though they know they're mean because they want to fit in and feel "in" with the cool kids, so they overlook their ugly side and idealize the popular kids. Anyways, he did not post this last comment I made on his blog, hit too close to home perhaps?
~Sorry, don't mean to offend any Janelle fans, I'm just really annoyed more at this particular nameless blogger than anything! The big boobs comment just put me over the edge this morning! Big boobs tend to do that, I've noticed.
6. Waking up early
7. Going to work
8. Monday morning meetings (seriously, these just need to be banned, what could make you dread coming into work Monday morning more than a meeting nearly first thing?)
8. Mondays (or Mun-days)


Amra Pajalic said...

At the moment my pet peeve is losers on the train who have to talk all about their crappy jobs and think that we're all interested in listening to that crap.

mai wen said...

Oh yes, that would be so annoying. My brother lives in New York and we recently bought him this amazing little headphones that No Sound from the outside world can come through, he Loves them. They were expensive, but totally worth it since all he takes is public transportation.

S. W. Vaughn said...

LOL I guess waking up early really bothers you, since you said it twice! :-)

WTG for volunteering at the rape crisis center. It is a great cause. A good friend of mine is a full-time counselor at one in our area.

mai wen said...

Haha, yes I am definitely Not a morning person, just ask my husband who had to car pool with me this morning! :) If it were up to me I'd stay up until 3-4am and wake up at noon... that's the life! I really do think something in me biologically makes me a night person though because I do my best work and am most creative at night-time.

I really love volunteering for the rape crisis center, it's amazing and difficult work, but so needed and very worth it. I'm planning on going back to school for a Masters in Social Work and a dream of mine would be to start a rape crisis center in an area without one!


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