Remembrance of a Friendship

So, one my best friends from high school is high tailing it outta Ohio as quickly as she can to become a Broadway star in New York. First, I selfishly thought about how pathetically thin my group of friends is becoming as people leave me here (how dare they!), but then I began remembering all the times said friend and I had and thought I'd dedicate a post to her and our many experiences together. So this is for you girlfriend, glad you finally figured out what a blog was and that you check it regularly, not every six months like a website! Don't worry, if I didn't work with a bunch of tech geeks I wouldn't have known either.

Buffy, Buffy, Buffy, and no, I'm not talking about my cat, I'm talking about Buffy the Vampire Slayer whom I named my cat after. I remember talking to you on Tuesday nights before the show, theorizing what would happen that night on the show, then staying on the phone with you, silent during the show only to burst into quick discussions of I can't believe she did that! and Who does that monster think he is messing with Buffy? during the commercial breaks. Afterwards of course we'd have to lament over the show and mourn until next week came. I remember I even got into trouble once by my then boyfriend, now hubby, for talking to you during a whole dinner at O'Charley's on the phone about Buffy. But hey, I had my priorities! Plus, I think I was probably getting back at him for taking me to O'Charley's to eat when he'd previously Dumped me there!

I remember you flattening me during a Powder Puff practice even though WE WERE ON THE SAME TEAM! I'm Still sore from that...

I remember all the secretive sex talks we'd have backstage when rehearsing for Fools with two other unnamed cast members (but you know who I'm talking about, you're fellow stars...) when we were supposed to be practicing your lines. Oh, and the infamous boot that I got for flashing the cast (Damn you Hagaman!)... M. Walnut, do you want it? Huh, do you want it? And the cast parties were probably the craziest parties ever with a bunch of Sober people! That's theater people for you. :) Remember the hot tub? Holy cess pool of people! Something had to be going on under that hot, bubbly water...

And Calculus with Ms. Schmidt. Remember how mad she was at you for graduating early but not at me because I did post secondary and I wasn't wasting a semester doing nothing? But you didn't care, you rarely let what people think about you bother you, my strong Amazon Woman! Some day I aspire to be as strong as you. Plus, you took your lazy time seriously and I Know you enjoyed every minute of it!

From visiting each other at school and getting drunk with you for the first time (in college, not in high school, you were a good girl back then...), to weddings, to movies at my house, to discovering I must have some creepy old men attractant somewhere on me (I mean, what the heck?) and to just talking with you until my throat's swollen, you have been a staple in my life for some time now. You know all my secrets and pains and I know yours. These are the bonds that bind us together for life.

I am sad to see you go but excited for this journey for you. Even though I wasn't able to see you in Fuck Me, Eat Me (or whatever that play was named! It had Fuck in it, that's all I know) I will come to New York to watch you perform on Broadway, I know you'll make it!

You Go Girl, I'm proud of you! You will always be an honoree member of the writing group/book club, thanks for coming out for that and for hooking us up with replacement people to fill your void, although you know Nobody could ever really fill your void. You leave a very unique void.


Dana said...

AHHH Mai, that was the sweetest thing I've ever read! All those memories just came flooding back to me in a moment and I just can't stop laughing at all those hysterical stories. I'm am so grateful that I got to come to Cincy and see you on a regular basis again, because I really needed to have you in my life in person! I'm going to miss you like mad, you have no idea:( But I know that we have a bond that's going to stand the test of time and distance, so that keeps me smiling.

mai wen said...

Hey, Darling. You got that right. Yay, you left a comment, I'm excited! :) It wasn't that hard, was it?? (Though now I'll probably have to tell you to check the comments section to see if I responded) ;).


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