When Elevators Attack!

Okay, seriously, not kidding, I have a fear of my elevator at work. It has closed on me numerous times (though once I blame my co-worker... you know who you are!) and has left scratches and marks, it's unpredictable and doesn't always stop when a limb is in the way. I get in and out as quickly as I can.

Now my fear is permanent after a certain elevator attacking co-worker sent me this article (I swear, he's trying to control me with fear)...

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- A dormitory elevator that pinned and killed an Ohio State University freshman was overloaded, said authorities who have not determined whether the extra weight caused a malfunction.


The elevator didn't stop its descent until it wedged Polakowski against the floor of the third-floor lobby, Amweg said.

Polakowski died immediately, Smith said. After firefighters determined they couldn't save him, they helped the others inside the elevator climb down a ladder to the second floor.


The Department of Commerce released documents showing that the elevator where the accident happened had passed every safety test conducted by Otis Elevator Co. going back to 2003, including the most recent one, conducted July 24.

Now that fills me with comfort. I guess I have some extra motivation to take the stairs now.

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