The Curse of Big Ben

According to ESPN, it's been confirmed that Ben suffered a concussion on that three man hit on him. Well, duh, obviously he did, he was out for five minutes and had already suffered a concussion from his motorcycle accident earlier this year, and once you've suffered a concussion, subsequent concussions are much more likely. Obviously the Steelers were trying to keep the "concussion" word out of it as they were not confirming it for a while. Does this make anyone think of Troy Aikman or Steve Young and how they were both forced to end their careers early because of recurring concussions? Yeah, I'd say the c-word is striking fear in all Steelers' fans' hearts. Thank god we're playing Oakland next week, let's just hope this time
Pittsburgh doesn't rush Ben back and let Batch play so that Ben can be at full health for the Denver game the following week. I think Batch can handle the pitiful Raiders with one hand tied behind his back. I do feel sorry for Ben though, the kid has been through a truckload of shit of recent.

Let's just hope he keeps an eye out for those pesky anvils and safes that will come falling from the sky!

Incoming from above! Somebody needs to tell Ben that his goatee is Not a substitute for a helmet.

Okay, don't tell me that the helmet of the Atlanta dude on the left (Falcons defensive end Chauncey Davis) is not smacking right into Ben's precious helmeted head! And dude on the right is not far from Ben's head either! And where was the flag you ask? Supposedly stuck up the ref's arse... yeah, if there aren't fines later this week for the hits Steeler Nation will revolt, I guarantee you. The ref's house just might be set on fire or something. Remember, this is the same Steeler Nation who left threatening messages on the poor old lady who hit Ben on his motorcycle as well as harassed Maddox's kids in school after his horrible Jacksonville performance last year. Oh yeah, we're ruthless.

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