Most Googled Books

I found this article on the most googled books and they definitely aren't what I'd expect! The most googled books for the week of September 17th through 23rd (drum roll please...) include (among others):

Diversity and Evolutionary Biology of Tropical Flowers threw me off a little, but okay. The rest weren't shocking, although interesting... and then you get to Build Your Own All-Terrain Robot. Okay, are there seriously that many people who need to know how to build their own all-terrain robot?! WTF? Really people, that one kind of scared me. I mean I don't really know what an all-terrain robot is or what the hell it would be used for. Am I in the minority here?


S. W. Vaughn said...

Wow! This is the weirdest list I have ever seen... wonder what gets in to people's heads?

Build Your Own All-Terrain Robot? I have to agree with your sentiments, Mai... WTF??

It's fun to try and imagine why, though, isn't it? LOL

mai wen said...

Fun or Scary? Maybe I'm just a negative thinker but the only things I can think of needing an all-terrain robot for scare the hell out of me! :)~

Amra Pajalic said...

It's always truth that's weirder than fiction.

mai wen said...

Very true, Amra! I guess that's what keeps life interesting!


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