On The Horizon Of Peace

As the Juba Peace Talks continue between the Lord's Resistance Army and the Ugandan government and an uneasy cease fire is implemented, now is the time for the US and other countries to step up in show of support for these peace talks. One huge proponent for this has been John Edwards who not only visited Uganda but wrote this moving Op/Ed piece for the Washington Post.

At a moment of tremendous global hardship -- from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to the killing fields of Darfur -- it is rare to find hope. So when there is the possibility for peace, we must seize it. That's why one of the world's great tragedies, the conflict in Northern Uganda, deserves our attention.

It is perhaps the worst humanitarian catastrophe to have gone practically unnoticed by most of the world. The two decades of violence in Northern Uganda have had devastating consequences -- nearly 2 million people have been run out of their homes and forced to live in overcrowded, squalid camps; tens of thousands have died; 30,000 children have been abducted by an organization called the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) and forced to fight as child soldiers or used as sex slaves. Hundreds of villages have been abandoned and destroyed.

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Also, if you're interested in knowing who your fave celeb supports in the office, check out this link. I found it mildly interesting, most of them were not surprising, but it's cool to see what celebs actually bother to care about politics and choose to get involved.

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