Busy Bee!

Yes, I've been quiet this week. I've been spending every spare moment getting my graduate school applications together, requesting references (which I Hate to do, don't you?) and figuring out how annoying it is when my top pick (University of Texas) has the latest application deadline. This is particularly annoying because UT also will not look at the applications until after their deadline date, which is at least a month after the other schools. When a school accepts you, they typically give you 30 days to send in a deposit in order to hold your spot, and this is intensified if you receive some sort of fellowship or assistantship because they are so competitive. So, for some schools, I may not even have sent in my application for UT by the time I'm already getting accepted. This presents an annoying challenge and difficult choices. Do I choose to go to a school that isn't my top pick just because I got accepted with an assistantship? What if I hold out for Texas and either I don't get accepted or I don't get any financial help? If it were any other school other than my number one pick, I'd be okay with it, but it had to be Texas. ARGH! Truly annoying.

As I progress with applying to schools it's slowly becoming more of a reality. My brother has just moved from NYC to Charlotte, NC (where most of my family lives) and his struggles adjusting and moving are bringing into light many that hubby and I will soon face. This has had the combined effect of scaring me shitless and exciting me. After January, my life will not be the same! That's just craziness but I'm ready for a change. Currently, I'm not happy with my life and I refuse to let fear keep me from chasing my dreams and the life that I want. A friend mentioned to me today that she couldn't see me in the South because I'm such a Yankee. She's totally right, I am a Yankee, through and through, but who knows how I'll be in the South? I've never lived in the South (only in Minnesota and Ohio), my reaction to living in the South may surprise many people, including myself, because I have No Idea how I'll react to it!! I'm excited to see myself and my hubby in a new place and to see how we adapt. But of course the worries of money, friends, family, etc. come into play when discussing moving and it's impossible to not be worried or scared shitless every once in a while when thinking of moving. I'm a self-proclaimed control freak and a lot in my life is completely out of my hands right now... when and if I'll be accepted into schools, where we end up living is only partly in my hands (depends on what schools will take me!), etc. This is difficult for me to deal with, but I know it's important for my growth and my future. I do realize that whenever I start a family my life will completely be out of my hands then because kids are Cra-zzeee! So I'd better learn how to deal with the stress of the unpredictable and unknown now!

Anyways, that's my excuse for being so quiet here recently and I'm sticking to it!

Oh, and this sounds deliciously disgusting. Thanks to Dave's Football Blog for this yummy-ish news.


Mas said...

Fingers crossed for you mai wen.

It's good you're thinking through all the probabilities and possibilities now. I didn't realise, when I was accepted, that the turn-around would be so quick; nor just how much $$$, even after scholarships, would be involved. Somehow I couldn't come up with $20,000 for NYU or $30,000 for the University of Chicago in two weeks, but that's just me.

mai wen said...

Yeah, I'm a planning freak, so that does help a lot, but it's all soooo stressful. There are so many unknowns. Depending on if I get financial aid or not, we may end up just moving to somewhere I got accepted and just living there for a year for the in-state tuition (assuming I could get in again!) One place I'm looking at in-state tuition is $5679 and out-of-state tuition is $19677!!! Jeez, WTF is up with that? Money is definitely an issue and that will affect our decision big time... all I know is that I really want to move south... not that there's much more north to go from Ohio...

Sandra Ruttan said...

Hey, good luck with the grad school applications! That's important stuff!

Wow, you do shake things up on the blog!

mai wen said...

Thanks, Sandra! It's been stressful, but hopefully it will all work out!

"Wow, you do shake things up on the blog!"

Haha, not completely sure what you mean by this but I'll take it as a compliment!! :)

Amra Pajalic said...

Good luck with the applications. Having just returned home after a move to a different state I can tell you that it will definetely meet your needs for some excitement. In fact, I'm all tired out. I don't want anything exciting or stressful. I want boring, routine, and repetetive to be my mantra's for a while. Looking forward to your journey via blog.

mai wen said...

Thanks Amra! Hopefully we'll be able to move a couple of months before school starts so I can unpack and settle in and maybe even find a flexible part-time job (though I'm not to eager to do that, it'd probably be a good thing).


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