A Couple of WTFs Paired With a Sweet Ass


Thanks are in order to Book Ninja for both of these WTFs. First, would you pay to be in a book? And if so, seriously, WTF? Or more important, is Jason Johnson that desperate for money to sell a character in his next book? I mean, I can see this going very badly with the winner being pissed for being represented negatively or whatnot. I mean, the winner of such a contest isn't exactly sane, right? Maybe I'm overreacting, but WTF dude?

So, now that's out of my system, anyone want to join me in the World Cup of Writers next year? Um, yeah, enough said. WTF?

Sweet Ass

A new website called Refugee Law Project has been launched. This local NGO in Uganda does great work and has many reports on the situation in northern Uganda on it's website. Reminder, the Northern Uganda Lobby Day in Washington D.C. is next week on Oct 9-10! Also, the Gulu Walk is coming up on Oct 21, register on GuluWalk.com for a city near you.

Also, check out this excerpt from Charles Frazier's soon-to-be released novel Thirteen Moons. I'm getting nervous due to this review of Thirteen Moons which states that I'll like it but won't love it like I did Cold Mountain. I adored Cold Mountain and have been waiting for Frazier's next book for a long time. I hate to be disappointed after such a long wait. I guess that's the bad thing about waiting so long to put out your next novel after such a huge success, it gets built up just a teeny bit.


Brett Battles said...

Eh...Writer's World Cup?...and they're playing soccer?...everyone knows any World Cup involving authors should be over poker and alcohol. Stupid, stupid idea.

mai wen said...

LOL, we should write a letter or start our own poker and alochol World Cup... though I'm awful at poker.

Brett Battles said...

Yeah...me too. But it would still be fun!!

Bill Cameron said...

Well, I've offered to put the baristas at the coffee shop where I do my writing in my current project. One of the fine ladies, when offered the choice between being a bartender and a hooker, said, "The hooker! Hell, yeah!" They don't have to pay me though.

In all seriousness though, I have heard of this before. Most often it is through some kind of charity auction, it seems. I read of one woman who offered a character that way, and a husband bought it for his wife. So the writer duly wrote the character into her next novel, which was rejected. Then time passed, she wrote another novel while still shopping the first (she already had several published novels under her belt when she auctioned the character off). The husband and wife split up. The now ex-wife didn't want the "character" anymore. I can't remember what the writer and the now ex-husband worked out.

Me, make me the hooker!

mai wen said...

LOL, I think they're called Male Gigolos. Fine, give me $100 and it's done! Man, I sell easy.


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