World's Largest Chicken Dance Anyone? Anyone??

Yeah, I didn't think so. This is so Cincinnati and even more, sooo #85... which is probably why I hate it. Living in Cincinnati as a Steelers' fan, you can't help despising the Bengals and everything Bengals.

Really though, WTF? And more importantly why?

As if the Mohawk wasn't bad enough, now Chad's going to be flapping his arms like he means it. And on that topic, what is UP with the Mohawk trend? Chad Johnson, Clinton Portis and now Shawne Merriman?? Seriously guys, it's all fun and games, but do you realize you be looking like damn fools? Though that may not be a concern for someone staging the world's largest chicken dance, someone who dresses up in costumes with names such as "Reverend Gonna Change" and "Coach Janky Spanky" or someone who has a light switch tattooed to his arm and has a convulsion imaginatively flipping it on and off.

Only in the NFL! You gotta love it.

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