China Is Taking Over The World... With The Five Friendlies!

The Olympic mascots for the 2008 Olympics in China have been revealed! In addition to strangely creepy mascots for the Olympics (thanks for the story from Deadspin and Wanbro), China is also embracing it's soon-to-be first NFL pre-season game in China by supplying jerseys in Chinese. I wonder if the Chinese will have any idea who Tom Brady or Shaun Alexander are? Ah well, if you can make money of it why not make it, right?

Well, this is strong evidence that China is moving up in the world and supports my mom's insistent theory that China will soon take over the world. Let's just hope they do so with less scary looking mascots than the "Five Friendlies." They give me nightmares.

P.S. Is anybody else about ready to murder Blogger? If I get one more "This document contains no data" pop-up I'll scream. Seriously, in the middle of my eerily quiet office, in my cubicle, I'll scream.

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