Template Grrrs

Okay, so I spent more time than I ought trying to get double sidebars on both sides of my blog. After hours of working, looking up things, playing around I finally get it! It looks great, everything's perfect and I'm ecstatic. Immediately I call my hubby to have him check it out and give me his thoughts.

"Um, well, it's not really lined up right."

"What do you mean? I spent like 30 minutes getting it lined up perfectly," I respond, a little defensively.

"Well, the left sidebar is in the body of the blog," he replies tentatively.

"What?!?!" So in a hurry, I check IE, even though I know it doesn't show my template, to see if it's lined up right. It isn't, what my husband said was completely correct even though we'd both been looking at my template through Firefox.

So, why did it look great in My Firefox browser, but all skewed in my hubby's browser and in IE? Luckily I saved the template code elsewhere before playing with it so I was able to restore it to it's one sidebar only version, but I'm truly annoyed and confused. Why can't I have two sidebars?? Why did it look perfect for me but not for hubby?

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. This is why I'm not a computer programmer.


S. W. Vaughn said...

But computers are our friends...


I feel your pain. :-)

Anonymous said...

If you ever figure out how to do it so that is shows up on IE, please post it. I have enough trouble adding things to the right side.

Elizabeth said...

Ahhhh...Welcome to the wonderful world of the web! Every browser reads code a little different, but there are some great tricks to making sure your code looks like you want it to in all the browsers.

Sadly, I don't know them.

Whenever I get stumped with web design, I go find people who write code for a living to help me. There really is an art to it, just like writing, and you'll be much less frustrated if you can find an artist to help you!

anne frasier said...

i went through the same thing on a group blog. i tinkered madly with the template, not knowing i was really screwing things up. looked fine in both my safari and firefox. i think the upgraded blogger is supposed to be less screwy and more tamper-friendly, but i'm afraid to move over to it. i'll wait until they get out all the bugs.

Brett Battles said...

Off topic, but wanted to say the first thing I thought of today when I heard Big Ben was back in the hospital was you! At least it sounds like he'll make a speedy recovery.

But Charlie Batch is your backup??? Ewwww....

mai wen said...

Thanks everyone for your support and understanding for my computer/template woes! I think we need to start a support group for this sort of thing... I do work with a bunch of IT folks, so I may try to bug them. We'll see if they can help me out!! It is so sooo frustrating though! There's an upgraded blogger? I had no idea, haha, yeah, I must be out of it.

Thanks so much Brett for your thoughts and support for Big Ben's newest hospital journey! My heart dropped when my hubby called from me from downstairs, "Uh, honey. It's Ben." I was like "Noooooooooooo, what now?" Ah well, luckily he'll probably only miss two games and be back for our division rivalry Cincinnati Bengals which is Huge for me since I live in Cinci and need to rub every win in their faces, so we Have to win.

Sigh, at least I didn't have Ben on any of my fantasy teams, then my first couple of weeks of football would have been a total disaster. :)~


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