The Power of Blogs

OMG, I died laughing when I read this post. You will not believe the power of blogs! From an innocent and humorous rant to international news, if only we all could be so lucky.

I stole this picture from The Daily Dish because I thought it was gorgeous and of course it made me think of my BFF (Blog Friends Forever of course) Elizabeth! Supposedly this is Cape Cod, but since I've never been I can't confirm that for you. Someday I'll take my own awesome pictures and put them up for you, I promise! It'll have to stop raining here first for me to get a decent nature shot, though Ohio isn't known for it's natural beauties I'm sure I could find something.


Beyond that, my Vikes pulled out a victory last night despite a plethora of penalties (wince). New coach Childress made a daring move benching our starting Strong Safety as punishment, for, ahem, some indecent conduct in a stairway of a hopping Minneapolis club. I think the benching of Dwight Smith in addition to cutting Koren Robinson is Childress' way of making a statement... The Love Boat Era Of The Vikings Is Coming To An End. That means no more double-sided dildos for you, Mr. Smoot. I think all Vikings' fans are relieved, though football and non-football fans are perhaps a bit disappointed. Has there been any thing more grotesquely entertaining than the details of the Love Boat incident? It's like one of those gorey scenes in scary movies where you don't want to look because you know it'll be disgusting and give you nightmares, but you just have to.

Though I do think the fact that Tom "Famed Couch Hurdler" Cruise and wife "I told Teen Magazine that I wanted to marry Tom Cruise when I was thirteen" Holmes made a public appearance and were, shocking, holding hands (I mean they did just have a baby together, you'd think holding hands wouldn't be a news flash) was bigger news than the actual game going on. That was annoying to say the least.

The Vikes definitely have some cleaning up to do in their game, but overall I'm pretty happy. Boo Yah is all I have to say to the Chester Taylor doubters, he looked great! He'll really be tested against a tough defense next week against Carolina. Now, the fantasy football question, do I start him against a good defense or do I take a chance on rookie Laurence Maroney or coming back from injury Deuce McAllister against weaker defenses? Argh, fantasy football is such a mindbender. For those keeping score, I won in one league getting the week high points (wahoo) and the $10 prize money for the week (double wahoo, lunch money!) and I lost in my other league by 4 freaking points! All Lamont Jordan had to do was get one TD or run for 60 yards, but no, he had to stink like a pile of dog poo sitting out on hot concrete after a couple of days.


Elizabeth said...

You're such a dearheart!! I love this photo, and it does look very much like Cape Cod. The sunsets in New England are gentle but beautiful.

Stay tuned, BFF, later this week i'm putting up some photos from a storm that rolled in last week!

And, I thought you were a Steelers fan? Course i shouldn't talk...this week I'm a Mets fan. Last year it was the Red Sox, the year before, the Yankees, and in 2001 the DIAMONDBACKS!!

mai wen said...

Can't wait for the pictures! I think storm clouds are my favorite, they're so dark and mysterious.

I was born in Minnesota so I've been a Viking's fan my whole life (for better or worse) and have became a Steelers' fan because Ben Roethlisberger went to my college at the same time I as there and of course I was a die hard Ben fan in college and it transferred to the NFL! Then I just fell in love with the Steelers, compared to the boat scandalous Vikings it was nice to root for a team that was known for it's squeaky cleaness.

So alas, I'm a Vikings fan AND a Steelers fan. Luckily their in different leagues! Though they did have to play each other once last year and the game was huge for both of them, if either lost they'd be taken out of playoff contention. That game was a hard one to watch! Steelers won. I guess it worked out in the end, there's No Way the Vikings would have made it to the Super Bowl!


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