Quick Hits

Football Hit

First, I want to say that I was very touched and very happy for the New Orleans Saints' win last night over the Falcons. I know it's only football, but there's no doubt what that game meant to the city, to the fans and to the players. The Saints, now 3-0, played with heart and have proven that their wins over the Browns and Green Bay weren't a fluke, they've now forced the impressive Falcons to a 2-1 record. Good job Saints! I think everyone but the Falcon fans were rooting for you last night.

Kitty Hit

What Can't science do? If I had a spare $3,950 lying around I'd soo buy one of these. I love my kitties to death, but the fur the fur the fur!! In your mouth, on your furniture (which is now lined with tinfoil and those plastic runners with little spikes on the bottom to try to keep the kitties OFF the furniture - you'd think buying them three cat trees at $100 each would be enough for them, but no, they want it all) and even somehow in your food. Especially when they're in your lap and rubbing all over you like they're trying to seduce you and you're nose starts to itch and become congested and your eyes water but they're so cute that you just take it even though you can't breathe through your nose anymore.

Clinton Hit

A sweet ass video of Clinton Smacking Down our favorite conservative news station. You guessed it, Fox News. Holy Crap! This is the greatest smack down ever! Thanks to Bill Cameron for the link.

Old and Unsuccessful Hit

So recently I just got another rejection letter for a short story I'd submitted. I was really hopeful with this one, so I was disappointed and my hubby comforted me by telling me that everyone's unpublished at some point in their lives and that I'm still really young. It made me feel better, until I read this article that is. An eleven-year-old girl getting a book deal?!?! Goddamn, I'm way behind. Thanks to Bookninja for this link, I needed the extra little jab to throw me back into my depressive state.

Reading Hits

Okay, so this is an old post (a couple of weeks old) but I clipped it because I liked and wanted to comment on it and just am now getting to it. I totally relate to much of this post, I've been teased for always having a book in my purse but also people often take it as an insult. Often when I go to a friend or family member's house I bring a book and people take it as I think I'll be bored there or that I don't want to interact. That's not the case at all! I just am always anticipating the slow times, when my mom's cooking and I have nothing to do, when my friend needs to jump in the shower real quick before we head out. There's nothing so devastating to me then being stuck somewhere with nothing to do regretting that I didn't have a book with me. But of course, it does have it's downfalls. I've been caught in the rain with a book before, unfortunately partly ruining the book, which just about kills me. Which is why I've started to get in the habit of bring magazines places, they fit easier in my purse and if they get ruined by rain, who cares? I'll just throw them away after I'm done reading them anyways. Plus, we get Time magazine which comes weekly, those are impossible to keep up with so we always have a pile of unread magazines that I need to get through.

Way Cool! According to Amazon.com's blog, "St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, a private school in Austin, Texas returned a three million dollar donation rather than submit to the donor’s request that the short story [Brokeback Mountain] be removed from the school's list of optional reading for twelfth graders." That's seriously the coolest thing I've heard in a long time and it makes me even more excited that Austin, Texas is my number one choice for grad school. Wahoo! Go Austin!


Bill Cameron said...

Speaking of a smackdown, Olberman KICKED BUSH'S ASS!

You gotta watch it.

I swear, I got teary-eyed on this one.

mai wen said...

OMG, this is the greatest thing ever!! Thank you!!

S. W. Vaughn said...

Kitties. Can't live without 'em, can't shave 'em bald... :-)

I caught that Olberman thing, too. He is now Teh Bomb in my book!

mai wen said...

LOL, very true Vaughn. I don't think my cats would ever talk to me again if I shaved them bald.

The Bomb is right!!

Brett Battles said...

Mai, this is COMPLETELY off topic. I started re-reading A BURNT OUT CASE by Graham Greene on the plane to Bouchercon. I really think you will like this book. It is not particularly happy, but it deals with a lot of interesting themes, including religion, what's the right thing to do, and personal perception. It's not Greene's most famous work, but it's one of his best. And one I think might be right up your alley. I could be wrong, but pick it up if you have the chance.

Or not. But if you don't, I'll make fun of you for the rest of your life.

mai wen said...

Book recommendations are never Completely off the topic for me! I love getting book recommendations. :)

Out of fear of being made fun of for the rest of my life, I'll definitely pick up the book. Thanks for thinking of me! Though, I would be Really impressed if you managed to really make fun of me for the rest of my life, that's a lot of work!

Patry Francis said...

So happy to have discovered your blog, and let me just say, I feel right at home here...Between your great taste in books, and the Clinton smack down video, this is my kind of place.

mai wen said...

Thank you so much! I'm thrilled to have you. :)

I'm already in love with your blog, simply wait, especially with the pictures of you and your dogs. I'm a dog freak and yours are gorgeous. I also loved the How To Create a Successful Blog post too.

Brett Battles said...

I forgot to mention...the Keith Oberman smack down was AWESOME!!! Gave me chills.

Also, just had breakfast with Sandra Ruttan and Bill Cameron...always fun and a bit surreal to meet people in person you've basically known only on line.

mai wen said...

Definitely thank Bill Cameron for the Oberman smack down, I loved it as well.

I've yet to meet an online bud in person, I look forward to it. It is a very odd thing, especially considering that some people are pretty shy in person but not online. I'm not, I'm probably loud and obnoxious compared to my online persona but I could see myself getting shy meeting an online bud in person.

What were Sandra and Bill like? Were they as wonderful in person as they seem online? There's really only one answer to this question, you know.

Brett Battles said...

You're right...only one answer...they are both a@&holes. I couldn't have had a worse time. Bill even tried to buy my friendship with a bag of popcorn and a diet Dr. Pepper. ;-)

mai wen said...

LOL, popcorn, gosh, he's so Cheap! He could of at least gotten you a sandwhich or something.

You didn't fall for it, right? I mean, you're not actually his friend, are you?? ;-)


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