Literary Slacker

Not only have I not been reading for pleasure whatsoever recently - well, unless you count studying for the GREs pleasure, which I have a different word to describe that experience - but I've been totally slacking on my literary posts. It's not that I haven't been keeping up with it or that I haven't found anything interesting to blog about, in fact I've found many things that I clipped in my Bloglines that I wanted to blog about, but I've been swamped and just haven't found the time to devote to a quality post that I'd want to on a literary topic.

I still don't have time, so I'll point to some of my favorite posts of recent on the literary market:

  • Around the World in 100 Books brought these new translations into Chinese to my attention! My mother will be thrilled to see some Russian novelists there, she's a huge fan and only reads books in Chinese. Great, now I can read Crime and Punishment in English and she can in Chinese. She'll probably whoop my butt and finish before me though since I don't have time to pleasure read right now...
  • Want to be published but don't have the patience to write a story or a book? Write a blog and think it's the greatest thing on earth? Then why don't you bound your blog in a book? Either a wicked cool idea or a wicked lame idea, I can't decide yet... I guess it depends on what blog we're talking about! Good link Book Ninja!
  • It's about damn time! I'm especially interested in this since this will very soon be applicable to me. Thanks to Cuppa Joad for this one.
  • Yikes, isn't this why we have separation of church and state? Thanks Maud for the link.
  • Sandra Ruttan has some great posts on Killer Year and on her personal blog about privacy and becoming a well-known author. Boy do I love her posts! Start checking out her blog, On Life and Other Inconveniences and you'll quickly become addicted too!
Alright, that's all folks. Sorry I've been such a slacker, I'll try to write some more thought provoking and interesting posts on the literary world very soon, as soon as I get my life in order... um, okay, maybe I'll try to get one in before that since that may never happen at this rate!


AshE said...

What the heck you can't post, what are you too busy doing QA or something?! =).

mai wen said...

Haha, that'd be so totally lame and boring if that's what I was busy with!!

Yeah, so I'm totally lame and boring.


Sandra Ruttan said...

Aw Mai Wen, you are so sweet. You've made my day!

mai wen said...

Your welcome, just paying you back for all the times you made mine! :)


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