To Blog or Not to Blog

The whole idea of blogging unnerves me, spilling my thoughts onto paper, well, a computer screen, for anybody to read and judge. I suppose I should be used to this seeing that I'm a writer, but then again I have yet to be published so my words have not traversed past that invisible yet very real line from private to public. However, I might be taking a Very interesting trip soon so I thought I'd start getting into the blogging spirit so that when I'm overseas I can share my experiences with my family and friends. If only my pets could read, then I'd be set. I only hope that I have enough in this pretty little head of mine (Okay, so I actually have a big head with ridiculous monkey ears, but it's my blog, I can describe it how I want!) to keep the readers entertained, informed and enthralled. I doubt I do, but I promise to BS out my butt pretending I do when I run out so to keep you entertained. That is my promise to you.

Welcome to Mai's blog.

1 comment:

TShaff said...

You're Awesome... this is going to be the bes blog ever! This will lead to some serious exposure on the literary scene!!!


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