The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay...

...coming soon to a theater near you, well not too soon.

Wahoo, I do get excited when one of my fave books gets turned into a movie, though I do have to admit my friends and family hate going to see books turned into movies with me. I guess my constant elbowing and whispering how it was different in the book takes away from the movie experience.

Michael Chabon's lively novel, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, is in it's pre-production stage, with the lovely (and also one of my favorite chic actresses) natalie portman "a strong likelihood" to play the part of Rosa. The anticipated release date according to IMDb is an ambiguous day in 2007. Chabon gives an update on his website, including some quick answers on what will and will not be included in the movie:

Golem: yes. Antarctica: yes. Gay love story: yes. Ruins of World's Fair: no. Long Island: no. Orson Welles: no. Salvador Dali: yes. Loving reference to Betty and Veronica: no. Stan Lee: no.

So with natalie portman as Rosa, we could have adrien brody as Kavalier, who else would you put in the cast? jake gyllenhaal possibly as Clay, but then I might just be type casting now. He so could pull off Jewish though, couldn't he? Feel free to comment and leave me your casting ideas!

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