First Interview With Kony!

Times' correspondent Sam Farmar ventured into the jungle of DR Congo earlier this month for the first journalistic interview with LRA leader Joseph Kony.

Having studied the psychological effects of war on children and specifically child soldiers, I've also done some research on the LRA. Pictured here, courtesy of The Times Online, is one of the children that was abducted the LRA and had his lips and fingers cut off for some various reason. I know it's a shocking picture, but it's real and it's what children in northern Uganda must endure. Kony was as crazy and as diluted as I had thought he'd be, claiming that he is guided by spirits and that he is fighting for the Ten Commandments. He denies any of the atrocious acts that his group is accused of committing, yet the eyes of his young soldiers surrounding him are filled with fear. He has somehow convinced them that he is supernatural:
These men never let down their guard, and they clearly lived in constant fear of Kony, to whom they attributed mystical powers. Sunday said that if he tried to escape, Kony's spirit would seek him out to harm him. When I asked whether the LRA would disintegrate if Kony died, he struggled to comprehend the question. "Kony would never die," he said. "I'm sure he cannot be killed."

Very Chilling and Sad. For the entire interview, please check out The Times Online. It is an interesting read and I'm impressed and in awe of Sam Farmar for risking his life to bring this interview to the world! So don't let his risk be in vain, read it! NOW, I say!

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic Article. The situation in Uganda is one that does not receive much attention because of the lack of care from World Powers. It is a complete atrocity that people in this "advanced" world have to live like this.


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