Killer Blog!

Killer Year - The Class of 2007 is becoming one of my fast faves! Which is kind of ironic because I don't read crime/mystery novels, but boy, I do love the blog. It makes me want to pick up one of their books (which I wouldn't typically just because I'm a literary fiction addict) because I love their blog posts so much. They're funny, witty and interesting. Don't believe? Check out the latest post about leaky breasts... now I've got your attention.


Elizabeth said...

There's more to crime/thriller novels than meets the eye! Give it a whirl, you might be surprised!

Elizabeth said...

P.S. Welcome to the blogosphere!!

mai wen said...

Thanks for the welcome! I'm already addicted to blogosphere. :)I definitely don't have anything against crime/thriller novels. I've just come from the honors english, literature classes realm where I've become showered with literary novels and classics. I have read one Dean Koonz novel (Intensity) and a James Patterson novel (can't remember the name) and found them very quick and entertaining reads! I don't think I could build suspense like that if I had everyone in my stories drunk and holding big guns. I will for sure set aside some time to dwelve deeper into the crime/thriller genre. Better yet, why not start with one of the debut novels from Killer Year? :) (Unless you have a better suggestion...)


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