My Babies

I thought it was time to introduce y'all to my babies. That's me there, the human. And then from left to right, Zoe, Dixie and Vladimir (as a puppy, he's much bigger now, about 30 lbs!) I also have two cats, Figaro and Buffy (as in Buffy the Vampire Slayer of course!)

They are all my children and I about died yesterday because Dixie was yelping in pain from getting a burr stuck in her tongue. We couldn't figure out what was wrong with her until I remembered the last time she was yelping in pain and acting funny was when she had something stuck in her tongue. So we looked, and there it was! What is with this girl and trying to eat prickly things? Sigh, the pains of motherhood. Yes, I know all you mothers out there with human children are rolling your eyes at me, but my heart nearly broke yesterday when my baby was in pain. I literally had tears in my eyes, it was awful. I think motherhood is in the capacity of your love and care for a being that needs you, whether they have fur or not.


Azrael75 said...

Awww....cute puppies!

Sandra Ruttan said...

They're adorable!

My babies:
Chinook www.dogster.com/?149025
Nootka www.dogster.com/?149028
Buttons www.catster.com/?149125
Rascal www.catster.com/?149129
Skittles www.catster.com/?160409

Buttons and Skittles recently had four kittens, but I've only put some pictures on my blog.

mai wen said...

Thanks guys! Sandra, your babies are adorable too! I love Huskies because I'm obsessed with wolves and they remind me so much of wolves. I've always wanted a Siberian Huskie, but when we got our dogs we were in a duplex so it didn't make sense at the time... maybe one day! Love the picture with Skittles sticking out her tongue! My Figaro does that too, it's hilarious.


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