Rah Rah, Goooo Bearded Clam?

Well, that doesn't sound like something a cheerleader should say, but according to a former female cheerleader at Marshall University it was only one of the sexually explicit things said by the male cheerleaders on the team. She is now suing the university and the former cheerleading coach because of the intense sexual harassment. Harassment, according to the complaint, that included:

Male members of the cheerleading squad routinely made offensive actions toward female squad members, including exposing their genitalia, rubbing their scrotum on a female team member's face as she stretched on the floor, groping female members' breasts, shouting 'Throw the bitches up' and grabbing their genitalia area.
The woman claims that the coach did nothing to stop this harassment and allowed the men to call cheers by sexually explicit names such as "Bearded Clam [vagina]" and "String of Pearls [ejaculation]."

Do men really still think they can get away with that crap? Man, thank god Marshall's not a part of the MAC (Mid-American Conference) anymore. I'd like to keep this scandal as far away from my Miami University (of Ohio, THE Miami University) as I can!

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