Today in Dog Rights

A new hero has risen for dog rights, Mark DelCore, a 39-year-old traumatized by the 9/11 attacks (he was working out in a gym in lower Manhattan when the planes hit). DelCore said that he was covered with a "light dusting" of an unknown substance (which attached to his wet skin) as he ran north from the scene, resulting in a skin condition which is soo rare that it doesn't even have a name yet. DelCore apparantly has the skin condition all over his body and it requires exposure to the sun all over his body. In addition, his little rat terrior is his "service dog" - although he does admit Cheekies (the dog) is not actually certified to be a service animal (minor detail of course). And in here comes his heroism, he is suing a naked beach on Fire Island for not allowing dogs on the beach. They allow seeing eye dogs but not service dogs (although, again, Cheekies isn't Actually a service dog).

Well, enough said. Read more about this lawsuit and help DelCore fight for animal rights on The Smoking Gun.

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