And We're Off!

Well, we had our first writing group/book club meeting this past Friday! The turn out was a little underwhelming, but for good reason. One lady was sick with a stomach virus, another broke her leg, another's getting married in two weeks so got wrapped up in wedding stuff. But there were still three of us and we got a book list started and some ideas for the how we're going to do the writing group side of it. The next group meeting (which will be focused on writing) will be at my house, yikes. To say that I don't know how to prepare food is an understatement... guess I'll buy a veggie tray or something. :)~ I'm very excited though, hopefully more people can make the next meeting... another thing that makes me miss college, people out here in the real world actually have lives and it's so hard to get people together for things.

In other news, something that irks me. I'll try to not get Too political but I just read yet another forwarded email about supporting our troops, this one was called "The Daughter of a Soldier." It was very sweet and tear-inspiring (though I've been emotional since the touching Espys last night on ESPN... you think I'm joking? I mean, Steelers winning 'Best Team' was a teary enough, but Big Ben with his heart felt speech and shout out to the 'Best Moment' winner, Jason Mcelwain, the autistic boy who had SIX three pointers in the final basketball game of the season for his school. And the soccer in Afghanistan? Come on, how could you not cry?) and I do support our troops and our soldiers... which is why I personally want them out of Iraq. I know I'm treading on sensitive ground here, but I'm so sick and tired of people saying "support the troops!" and yet they want the troops to stay in Iraq. I guess it just depends how you view supporting the troops. And then they go on and on about how without the soldiers we wouldn't have our freedom and our rights, but last time I checked Iraq wasn't taking away our freedom or rights. There were No WMD in Iraq, Iraq was Not connected to 9/11, and so what Really are our troops fighting for? Only Bush can tell us and he won't. So yes, I am a patriot, despite what some people might try to say. I'm a patriot because I truly care about the living souls in Iraq that are dying. Stop crying for the little girl whose daddy has been in Iraq for 11 months and Bring Her Daddy Home To Her!

Sorry, I'll try to get off of my soap box, but I'm slightly seething right now. Sometimes I wonder if people walk through this world with their eyes closed, just listening to others for where to go and how to make their way through the world.

Update: Okay, so I tried to tone this post down due to some consideration from this post on Flash Flood's blog (and yes, it Was worse than this...) I don't mean to offend anyone with my opinions or views, I'm just passionate and can't help caring about these sorts of things. So don't mind me, but I warn you, if you can't handle me online, I'm worse in person. :)


Anonymous said...

I completely agree! Our Troops are dying for a war that is mimiking Vietnam. History repeats itself if we don't learn from it, and someone needs to be held accountable. Don't buy into the distractions of keeping our borders shut and keep focused on what needs attention... Holding Mr. Bush accountable!

Anonymous said...

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