Natalie Raps

I was in love with Ms. Natalie Portman before, but this has just cinched it. I'm so pissed I missed her on SNL! If anyone knows when it'll be rerun, let me know, please.

You know, you just gotta support the short, bi-racial, educated brunettes making it big out there. Did I mention that I see Nat (as her fans affectionately call her) as my successful twin? Yeah, that's sooo how I'd be if I were the cool twin. LOVE HER!


Flood said...

I think the re-run has already happened, I am sad to tell you.

I hurt my face laughing at the rap.

mai wen said...

Aww, bummer! I'll have to just keep watching it on my computer. I watched it for the first time at work, but that didn't stop me from laughing just as hard!


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