Chain Bookstores Must Die and The Return of Big Ben

As I get more and more into the "literary world" the more I detest the big chain bookstores. It began when an excellent novel by Miami alum Heather Skyler, The Perfect Age came out couldn't be found in any of the major bookstores in the area (only 40 or so miles out of Oxford). You would think bookstores would support local writers, but I guess that's just ideal thinking. All the stories of the short life span of non-bestsellers in these chain bookstores kills me. It used to be (or so I've heard) that a book was given maybe 5-6 months on the shelves before it was pulled, now-a-days you're lucky to get 5-6 weeks if you're not Stephen King or Toni Morrison, or some other bestselling well established author. What spurred this new spurn of detestement is the fact that I went to two different chain bookstores looking for a book I'd been reading and hearing a lot about, Alison Bechdel's Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic. I couldn't find it in either, which was so maddening because it's been getting great reviews and is a big buzz in the literary and comic world and they weren't even stocking it. Sure I could order it from them, they so conveniently informed me, but I mine as well order it from Amazon then! I wanted to see the book and look through it to see if I wanted to buy it. It's a comic novel so it's something I felt I needed to thumb through before I bought it. I ended up going to a smaller chain (but yes, still a chain) and found the book, one copy. I was very excited and even informed the cash register dude how hard it was for me to find the book and that they are now out of it since I took the only one. To which he sarcastically replied, "Oh man, and I so wanted to buy this book for myself too!" I could have slapped him. I need to do research on Independent Bookstores in my area. There was one I used to go to but it closed, sigh, as most of them are forced to do. They are a dying breed for sure, but at least they don't keep their shelves stocked based on the best sellers list and that's worth the search and rescue effort.

On other news, Big Ben returns to the public eye after his life-threatening accident. Check him out tonight at 6pm on ESPN's Sports Center and tomorrow morning on Good Morning America. I may not be watching the show tomorrow morning, but you know I'm Tivo-ing that shit! Also check out this article on his near death experience right after the accident on ESPN. There's even a nice little video clip of Ben's interview. Looking good Ben, nose is may be a tad bit crooked, but barely noticeable. Not the Frakenstein I was picturing... now for the real test, can you play well enough to bring us back to our second Super Bowl? We shall see.

Before and After for your viewing and comparing pleasures:

Thank you to Dave's Football Blog for supplying the Ben comparison shots.

P.S. Go STEELERS for winning the Espy for BEST TEAM! I'll sure agree to that! T.J. Houshmenzadah (who the hell knows if I spelled that last name right. Sure, I could look it up, but it's a Bengal, not worth the effort) can wipe his dirty feet all over the terrible towel all he wants, but I don't see Bengals' fans voting for their team for best team. Boo Yah.

Did I mention that I'm a football FANATIC? Yeah, yeah, I know. A literary book worm and a football fanatic, doesn't make sense, but it's there. I may be one of the few wives in the country who insists on having NFL Sunday Ticket... why do you think we got Direct TV? Yes, my husband's lucky in at least that aspect of our marriage. :)

Update: Not to leave ol' chinny out, so congrats to the well deserving Coach Cowher for his Best Coach Award. Couldn't be happier for the guy and for the Steelers for not only kicking some football ass but also sports ass in general, wahoo!

Aww, this is why I love the Steelers, a great article about Ben's return and the Steelers' support and love for their team mates - including the rampaging arrest crazy rookie, Santonio Holmes, from Ohio representing...

Further Update: I've found two great links to Independent bookstores, Book Sense even helps you find Indie book stores in your area! Also check out Powell's. Buy your online books from here and support Indie book stores. Peace.

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